Travel Technology Providers Landscape

Back in 2011, Scott Brinker, a marketing technology analyst, has unveiled his first version of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic with about 150 companies. In 2018, the Supergraphic contains about 7,000 companies. The Supergraphic has become “a desk companion” of every marketer out there.

We at AltexSoft specialize in traveltech product development and we think that travel technology deserves a map similar to the Supergraphic. We also start small mapping the core players on the travel technology market. So, this infographic will be further expanded with more players. Currently, the material contains ten traveltech product categories, including hotel management and room reservation systems, airline reservation and management systems, global distribution systems, and products for business travel and expense management. In further iterations, we’ll expand the list within the existing categories and add the new ones.

How to use the infographic:

  • Click on the image to open it in a new tab
  • To explore the providers directly, you can use a spreadsheet below where the companies are grouped by categories and alphabetically with links to their websites

TravelTech landscape infographic

Do you think we’ve missed someone? Please leave your suggestions and feedback in the comment section.

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Andriy Moroz
Dec 2, 2019
Andriy Moroz

Hi! Great job putting everything together!
Although let me share some comments:
1. Do not confuse Sabre Travel Network (GDS) and Sabre Airline Solutions (Airline Ops);
2. As for airline operations suites you missed IBS Software, Smart4Aviation, AMOS, AIMS, NavBlue…

Dec 2, 2019
AltexSoft Team

Andriy, thank you for your comment! We’ll include this information in the update.