Aviation and Transportation Software Solutions to Manage Complex Systems Effectively

Achieve more with the AltexSoft team: Create both large and effective software product for aviation and transportation professionals.


Aviation and Transportation Solutions

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Managing the numerous daily operations of an airline or a transportation business is a challenge. A TMS application eases the workloads and has a high ROI, which results in a 6% freight savings according to surveys. AltexSoft helps engineer a system of well-integrated modules for route and delivery optimization, freight payment, carrier management, and more.

Fleet & Staff

Surveys indicate that 27% of transportation organizations see major benefits from the use of fleet management software, such as improved data collection and analytics. We aid in developing such systems as well as crew management software, which simplifies administrative control, crew monitoring and training, accommodation arrangements, etc.

Routing & Scheduling

We design software products for dynamic route planning and optimization that reduce operating costs and increase delivery efficiency, such as freight optimization software. With us, you can also create effective flight plans for aircrafts operating world-wide. Considering weather conditions, aircraft data and human factor, the system will produce optimized flight plans in a timely fashion.

Dispatch & Shipment

Dispatch management and scheduling apps account for 55% of the leading mobile transportation solutions. To help distinguish your clients’ business from the tough competition, you need a comprehensive dispatch and shipment management system. We have experience creating advanced solutions that automatically collect, manage, and access shipping data, as well as track the shipment status.

Mobile Applications

Globally, 83% of passengers carry a smartphone. Combined with employees in the transportation industry, you have a great pool of people related to your client’s business that perform tasks on mobile. An efficient mobile solution makes it a manageable task, to update, edit, and distribute respective airline or transportation data to the right people, avoiding red tape.

Technology Expertise

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