Dr. Erin Roberts

Dr. Erin Roberts,Team Head of Biomedical Engineering, Novoheart, United States

At Novoheart, we are developing the use of machine learning with data from human-engineered cardiac tissues to automatically predict the class of an unknown compound based on the tissue response to the drug. AltexSoft was able to quickly digest and understand our prior work and then they implemented an advanced model to account for the multiple new variables. They met with us weekly to ensure their work was in line with our expectations and made sense from the experimental side, taking time to explain the details of their methodology. I was initially unsure that we would be able to hand off and successfully manage such a complex project with an external party, but I quickly felt extremely confident in their process and the results generated, having witnessed the extreme attention to detail, interest shown, and time spent by the AltexSoft team. This has all taken place during an unprecedented and difficult time for the people of Ukraine. Remarkably, AltexSoft’s professionalism and progress have not lagged, exceeding our expectations. That AltexSoft is engaged in humanitarian work further shows the strength and depth of their character. We hope and plan to work with AltexSoft to continue to expand upon this work in the future.

Philip Black

Philip Black,Business Owner of Diamond Duels

While creating the concept for my new game, Diamond Duels, I was recommended to AltexSoft from someone that had used them on a project of their own. The process of building the app was handled with complete professionalism and went smoothly. The MVP version of the app was outstanding, and the project is ongoing with enhancements and more functionality to come, and I hope to have a long, mutually beneficial relationship with AltexSoft. I would recommend AltexSoft to anyone that has a project - big or small - that is looking for excellent people to work with, quality work, and attention to detail that will give your project the best chance of success.

Mat Orrego

Mat Orrego,Co-Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Information Systems

I’ve had the pleasure of working with AltexSoft on various projects including both web and mobile applications development. They brought together great people, including excellent project and account management leadership. AltexSoft technical talent was fantastic and worked well with our scrum teams and helped us to deliver consistent results. They were always helpful and accommodating to our schedules and deadlines. I highly recommend AltexSoft for your next software development engagement.
Dean Fribence

Dean Fribence,CEO, Niftie

AltexSoft UX team has impressed me with their attention to how the business is supposed to work and how the user experience they suggest aligns with our strategic goals. Our communication started with elaborate interviews that synchronized our vision. Once it came to design, they delivered stellar results and always contributed their own expertise to the final product. I’m happy to work with AltexSoft and would recommend their UX team for challenging design and business analysis projects.
Luke Gahan

Luke Gahan,Data Scientist at SleepScore Labs™

We had a brilliant experience working with AltexSoft. They delivered great solutions using cutting edge techniques. The quality of their work was excellent and was all delivered on time. The team was a pleasure to work with.
Denys Arysmiatov

Denys Arysmiatov,Head of Promotion Department, Homsters

At Homsters we strive to help buyers of new-built property find the best offers by providing all information needed to make a choice. AltexSoft team did a great job developing a recommender engine for search pages. Initially, we had the same results for all visitors.  As part of the cooperation, we've created a solution that track the user behavior, analyzes it and personalizes the list of properties, that may be relevant for each particular visitor. We’ve managed to considerably improve engagement metrics on the website and increase the percentage of users that have contacted developers using our platforms.
Oleksandr Makhinich

Oleksandr Makhinich,CTO, Intellogate

The selection of technologies, platforms, and architecture design were handled jointly by a team of AltexSoft engineers and Intellogate. Project and quality management as well as schedule control were as agreed to and on par with the highest universal standards. The professional approach, understanding of our needs, and flexibility in decision-making led to building a system that precisely matched our requirements. Generally, I think the developers, analysts, architects, and QA specialists from AltexSoft deserve the highest marks for their work. We plan to maintain our relationship with AltexSoft to build digital solutions for servers and terminals for Self-service market.
Rock Blanco

Rock Blanco,Senior Vice President, Product Innovation at Cornerstone Information Systems

Rarely can I say that someone not only exceeded my expectations, but actually created an entirely new standard for achievement like AltexSoft. They demonstrated an in-depth, practical knowledge of the business needs and actual business case value for what we wanted in a product. Most importantly, everyone was fully able to understand technical design and development, techniques and constraints with the confidence, vision, and capabilities to manage our project from the planning to the implementation and delivery stages cost effectively and on-time.
Sam Randoll

Sam Randoll,Director of Operations at Digital-i Ltd., United Kingdom

Having started working with AltexSoft after a personal recommendation nearly two years ago, we haven't looked back. Our project required a large amount of industry specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software, which the team handled well. Also, the post development support that AltexSoft have provided has been first class.
Oliver Farago

Oliver Farago,Chief Technology Officer, M7 Real Estate Ltd., United Kingdom

I am really happy to work with AltexSoft. The project manager as a single point of contact is doing great job in bringing all things together. The QA Automation team is really helpful in support of regular delivery process of the product.
Ke Sun

Ke Sun,Manager of Mobile Software Development, Scientific Games, United States

I believe, any engineering team should be able to understand the requirements, deliver on time, deliver according to the requirements. With AltexSoft we have found the team that can provide all three. It’s a great team with excellent communication skills that made a difference in our business.
Christos Xidias

Christos Xidias,Art Director at Sailthru Inc., United States

AltexSoft was referred to us by one of our employees because they had been so incredibly professional. They have proven to be extremely trustworthy, valued partners who make good recommendations and deliver consistently. Their engineers use industry best practices when building interactive digital experiences and we find their work to be very strong and worth every dollar. We have been working together for almost 2 years and they have always been excellent, both on the account management side and the deliverables.
John Warrillow

John Warrillow,Founder at Built to Sell Inc. & The Value Builder System, Canada

AltexSoft has been supporting our business for the past 9 months in both the creation and implementation of new and tailored software. We have worked with several of their developers and cannot speak highly enough of the team. They are reliable, thorough, smart, available, extremely good communicators and very friendly! We would recommend hiring Altexsoft to anyone looking for a highly productive and solution driven team. We plan to continue to work with them for the long term.
Michiel Allessie

Michiel Allessie,Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Bruxlab, The Netherlands

Good project management and very good machine learning team.
Bill Portin

Bill Portin,Owner of the mapping tool for sales professionals, United States

I reviewed many different development organizations and had 4  companies’ present proposals.  Alex and the team from AltexSoft won by a large margin due to their exceptionally clear  communications, detailed plan of the development project, and appropriate technical skills on staff to complete the project on my timeline. The complete project was finished on time and on budget and allowed us to begin launch activities 2 weeks earlier than planned.  If you are considering an overseas partner for a software development project, I would highly recommend Alex and his team.
Steve Mack

Steve Mack,CEO at Bravo Store Systems, United States

We have always looked for external resources that matched our core values and with AltexSoft and the leadership of Oleksandr Medovoi we finally found a smart and conscientious team. I have personally referred AltexSoft and highly recommend.
Leighton Howard

Leighton Howard,Founder & CEO at GenericsWeb, Australia

After trialing a few different outsourced software developers without success, we were delighted to learn that AltexSoft takes a different approach. Not only do they have depth of talent and experience, but they also promote ownership of the projects and look after their staff to maintain tacit knowledge on the team. The team always takes time to fully understand the scope of the project and does not over-commit in terms of time or technical outcomes. All of this leads to high quality delivery of projects in a timely fashion which end users will love.
Marko Cadez

Marko Cadez,CEO at Fareboom - Best Travel Store company, United States

AltexSoft’s commitment to precision in the overall planning and execution of the full development cycle ensures sustainable application growth with minimum redesign requirements and typical time wasted on short term, throw away projects. I highly recommend AltexSoft to well informed and educated clients who appreciate and understand the benefits of a holistic approach to application design and development, resulting in minimum cost of development and ownership.
Kelly York

Kelly York,Director of Software Development at Bravo Store Systems, United States

AltexSoft listened to our needs and made sure we were getting the correct value for the service provided. Their leadership recognized our requirements and their groups efforts materialized. It became a very cohesive relationship.
Scott Neuberger

Scott Neuberger,CEO at Snaptracs, United States

We are pleased with the projects that AltexSoft was able to complete for us, including automated tests for both our web and mobile applications as well as manual testing for a critical cost-savings feature for us in the Tagg backend. The software was delivered with quality and on time and communication was always handled in a professional manner
Adam Mateljan

Adam Mateljan,VP of Operations at Cyberclick Marketing Inc., United States

I was impressed by AltexSoft's professionalism. Normally that comes across as salesmanship, but in this case it was the real developers and project managers working directly with our team - they even took the time to teach our in-house development staff about the code they were writing and how to manage the product internally! In closing I was impressed. I have a long ugly history with outsourcing and was, admittedly, gun shy about using any outsourcing again. AltexSoft's approach was refreshing as they became a part of our team during the project. They worked directly with us daily. They show a real expertise in both business and technology and the marriage of the two. Furthermore, AltexSoft delivered the product that we needed not just the product that we thought we wanted. Thanks to AltexSoft for bringing back my faith in working with technological outsourcing and for delivering what we needed.
Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO,A Fintech Startup, United States

I continue to be impressed with your ability to run such a polished and professional application. The application and the ongoing support and improvements have allowed us to successfully introduce the product in a very competitive market. The data that it provides is used to make investment decisions and to help manage the safety and soundness of US banks. I’m proud of what you’ve created and I sincerely thank you.
Mallory Murphy

Mallory Murphy,Project Manager at thinkPARALLAX, United States

I chose AltexSoft because we received great customer service from the first inquiry, the team is very professional, the work agreement is reassuring, and the testimonials on the website were good. Overall, a very professional experience, great process, and really friendly and committed team.
Jonathan Hanwit

Jonathan Hanwit,CEO at thinkPARALLAX, United States

AltexSoft has been supporting our business for the past 9 months in both the creation and implementation of new and tailored software. We have worked with several of their developers and cannot speak highly enough of the team. They are reliable, thorough, smart, available, extremely good communicators and very friendly! We would recommend hiring Altexsoft to anyone looking for a highly productive and solution driven team. We plan to continue to work with them for the long term.
Lindsay Majane

Lindsay Majane,Account Supervisor at Forge Worldwide, United States

As someone who is trained in project management, I am always impressed by AltexSoft's thorough and clear estimates. They stay on budget, and always flag changes in scope before the work is done so we can discuss it first. Compared to the US, there are many holidays in the Ukraine. The team always makes sure I know when they are closed for holidays, so that I can plan accordingly. I would highly recommend to AltexSoft because they deliver high-quality work and always deliver on schedule. No matter the size of the project, I can rely on their team to help me get the work done.
Joe Wise

Joe Wise,Social Media Executive, Owner at GuerrillaRadio.com, United States

In the Spring of 2013, while searching for an overseas partner for developing cutting edge mobile app development, I turned to AltexSoft. On schedule and complete down to the finest detail, my custom app projects for iPhone and Android launched successfully and were accepted to their respective app stores on the first attempt in both cases! This company has never given me a reason for complaint. All concerns were addressed extremely promptly. This is a serious firm with multiple top notch engineers who do not drop the ball when passing aspects of a project to a colleague internally. Anyone who knows outsourcing knows that this is a significant issue and it is a real stroke of luck when you find a developer whose team is fully in sync.
Chief Solution Architect

Chief Solution Architect,Gamification Marketing Startup, United States

We had a product that needed to be delivered and very strict timelines. To meet those timelines we had to increase our capacity by about 40 percent. The ease with which you could do that, the flexibility, and the fact that you introduce the brand new people to the project, and it doesn’t take a big learning curve for them to jump in and be productive nearly the next day was really important.
Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO,A Sports Startup, United States

I realized the need to cover Apple market with my app, so I started to look for a decent contractor. That’s when AltexSoft came into my sight as a trustworthy and competent technology partner. Their experienced engineers made best use of Xamarin tool, which enabled me to have two synchronized well-functioning apps with complex business logic on Android and iOS. I would recommend dealing with AltexSoft due to their wide expertise, holistic approach and friendly communication.