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Data science is not rocket science. Thanks to technology’s advances, you can put today’s most innovative technical solutions to work in your organization and solve complex problems using custom machine learning applications. Whether you want to upgrade your enterprise’s range of capabilities or maximize customer experience, you can unleash data science’s power.

With our in-depth experience in complex problem solving and business transformation, we at AltexSoft provide data consulting services to help companies derive value from raw datasets. Add competitive functionality for greater customer satisfaction, automate internal processes, or peer into the future – all on the bedrock of custom-built machine learning algorithms engineered on the foundation of your own data. Our machine learning experts will immerse themselves in your business processes and industry specifics to discover the main problems and offer solutions to them. Then, applying their skills in data analytics, machine learning models, and algorithms, they will help you decipher what data is telling you. In the end, you will be using a custom ML algorithm to continuously gather analytical insights and make data-driven decisions.

Data Science and Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning

Challenge your competitors by harnessing the latest opportunities for machine learning in business: Train your machine to understand images with Computer Vision, develop chatbots and smart assistants using Natural Language Processing, hear what historical data says about the future with the power of Predictive Analytics.

AI Solutions for Industries

Join industry giants by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, methods, and algorithms. Work with experts that have been uncovering AI power in Travel, Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, eCommerce, and Finance

Business Intelligence

Combine all your knowledge into a smart analytics tool with dashboards, visualizations, and custom indicators. Make your organization inherently data-driven by integrating intelligent decision-making.

Our Approach to Machine Learning
and Data Science Projects

1. Studying the problem

As with any project, we start by studying your product needs or business challenges, documenting requirements and your vision of a solution to connect data and value.

2. Exploratory data analysis

Then, as any data science endeavor suggests, we review your current data infrastructure and explore datasets to find anomalies, missing values, dependencies, and patterns.

3. Data preparation

Before modeling, we prepare data by cleansing it and transforming into a unified format.

4. Data modeling and evaluation

Our data scientists train numerous models to define which one of them provides the most accurate results. Then we choose the best model in terms of accuracy of results, simplicity, and performance.

5. Designing the solution

Be it a BI product, a machine learning algorithm, or a data management solution, we engineer, integrate, and test your product, as you start adjusting to your new innovative capabilities.

6. Support and maintenance

We maintain your growth by helping you release new features, introduce more tools and data sources, and integrate the product further in the workflow. We seek long-term client/vendor relationships where common progress supports our mutual development


Take Our Client's Word for It

Dr. Erin Roberts

Dr. Erin Roberts,Team Head of Biomedical Engineering, Novoheart, United States

At Novoheart, we are developing the use of machine learning with data from human-engineered cardiac tissues to automatically predict the class of an unknown compound based on the tissue response to the drug. AltexSoft was able to quickly digest and understand our prior work and then they implemented an advanced model to account for the multiple new variables. They met with us weekly to ensure their work was in line with our expectations and made sense from the experimental side, taking time to explain the details of their methodology. I was initially unsure that we would be able to hand off and successfully manage such a complex project with an external party, but I quickly felt extremely confident in their process and the results generated, having witnessed the extreme attention to detail, interest shown, and time spent by the AltexSoft team. This has all taken place during an unprecedented and difficult time for the people of Ukraine. Remarkably, AltexSoft’s professionalism and progress have not lagged, exceeding our expectations. That AltexSoft is engaged in humanitarian work further shows the strength and depth of their character. We hope and plan to work with AltexSoft to continue to expand upon this work in the future.

Mat Orrego

Mat Orrego,Co-Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Information Systems

I’ve had the pleasure of working with AltexSoft on various projects including both web and mobile applications development. They brought together great people, including excellent project and account management leadership. AltexSoft technical talent was fantastic and worked well with our scrum teams and helped us to deliver consistent results. They were always helpful and accommodating to our schedules and deadlines. I highly recommend AltexSoft for your next software development engagement.
Luke Gahan

Luke Gahan,Data Scientist at SleepScore Labs™

We had a brilliant experience working with AltexSoft. They delivered great solutions using cutting edge techniques. The quality of their work was excellent and was all delivered on time. The team was a pleasure to work with.
Rock Blanco

Rock Blanco,Senior Vice President, Product Innovation at Cornerstone Information Systems

Rarely can I say that someone not only exceeded my expectations, but actually created an entirely new standard for achievement like AltexSoft. They demonstrated an in-depth, practical knowledge of the business needs and actual business case value for what we wanted in a product. Most importantly, everyone was fully able to understand technical design and development, techniques and constraints with the confidence, vision, and capabilities to manage our project from the planning to the implementation and delivery stages cost effectively and on-time.
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