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Turn big data into valuable data


The success of your data science project is only as good as the data it uses. But, as companies collect siloed, inconsistently formatted data from different sources and in huge amounts – AKA big data – flaws creep into the final algorithm and simply sabotage all your ML efforts. Big data engineers are the ones responsible for all big data analytics groundwork. They handle facts that data scientists use later to turn into AI models, find and manage data sources, and establish your organization’s data management.

Structured data is useful data, so managing huge volumes of data starts with designing and creating a Data Warehouse or modernizing your legacy DWH to fit current technological standards and scale, increase performance, and reduce costs. To help your people easily access the data they need, we create data lakes that will nourish your data-driven efforts. And to finally process all this data, we build applications using technologies like Hadoop or Spark to process data streams in real time.

Data engineers at AltexSoft will find, organize, and store big data for your project, either as a part of your own IT department or as an extended team.

Our Data Engineering and Big Data Services

Reviewing your current data architecture to analyze data sources and define data lakes or DWHs
Cleaning, processing, and transforming data into usable formats for model development
Building data pipelines that gather, process, store, and help access data
Consult on selecting the best fitting open source or proprietary big data analytics tools and products for your project
Helping choose among big data platforms for managing your data infrastructures, such as Cloudera, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google BigQuery, Teradata, SAP, IBM, Oracle, and more


Take Our Client's Word for It

Denys Arysmiatov

Denys Arysmiatov,Head of Promotion Department, Homsters

At Homsters we strive to help buyers of new-built property find the best offers by providing all information needed to make a choice. AltexSoft team did a great job developing a recommender engine for search pages. Initially, we had the same results for all visitors.  As part of the cooperation, we've created a solution that track the user behavior, analyzes it and personalizes the list of properties, that may be relevant for each particular visitor. We’ve managed to considerably improve engagement metrics on the website and increase the percentage of users that have contacted developers using our platforms.
Oleksandr Makhinich

Oleksandr Makhinich,CTO, Intellogate

The selection of technologies, platforms, and architecture design were handled jointly by a team of AltexSoft engineers and Intellogate. Project and quality management as well as schedule control were as agreed to and on par with the highest universal standards. The professional approach, understanding of our needs, and flexibility in decision-making led to building a system that precisely matched our requirements. Generally, I think the developers, analysts, architects, and QA specialists from AltexSoft deserve the highest marks for their work. We plan to maintain our relationship with AltexSoft to build digital solutions for servers and terminals for Self-service market.
Rock Blanco

Rock Blanco,Senior Vice President, Product Innovation at Cornerstone Information Systems

Rarely can I say that someone not only exceeded my expectations, but actually created an entirely new standard for achievement like AltexSoft. They demonstrated an in-depth, practical knowledge of the business needs and actual business case value for what we wanted in a product. Most importantly, everyone was fully able to understand technical design and development, techniques and constraints with the confidence, vision, and capabilities to manage our project from the planning to the implementation and delivery stages cost effectively and on-time.
Marko Cadez

Marko Cadez,CEO at Fareboom - Best Travel Store company, United States

AltexSoft’s commitment to precision in the overall planning and execution of the full development cycle ensures sustainable application growth with minimum redesign requirements and typical time wasted on short term, throw away projects. I highly recommend AltexSoft to well informed and educated clients who appreciate and understand the benefits of a holistic approach to application design and development, resulting in minimum cost of development and ownership.
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