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Financial Solutions

Banking Sector

According to Accenture, 20% of bank clients are exclusively digital users. Our team helps businesses embrace digital transformation and go mobile, improve digital banking, handle payment and transactions securely, provide better customer care, and scale by moving to the cloud. Your banking system will be enhanced with tools for reporting, business intelligence, data filtering and exporting, all tightly integrated with your core solution and infrastructure.

Online Trading

Your individual online trading platform will be co-built with easy-to-use systems for financial research, analyzing and visualizing data, comprehensive notification etc. 76% of executives believe customer satisfaction to be their #1 value driver. Therefore, we conduct an in-depth business analysis to create an intuitive UI of the platforms and enable better digital experiences, as well as ultimately increasing your profit.

Personal Finance

As 32% of U.S. Millennials find turning to financial experts costly, development of a personal finance app is a good market opportunity. We will enhance your software product or create a new solution for budgeting, financial planning, accounts management, money advisory or deploy any other idea of yours that relates to helping keep your clients’ financial life thriving.

Financial Analytics

Oracle says the number of financial experts intending to incorporate big data into planning processes has tripled since last year. If you are among those, we will help you build a Financial Analytics solution for you to cover credit scoring, fraud detection, risk analysis, client analysis, trading exchange forecasting. This will let you predict if a client is creditworthy, to effectively cross-sell and up-sell, evaluate customer behavior and create preventive rules if they seem likely to leave.

Financial Management & Accounting

Only 33% of CFO’s claim to measure the quality of their business processes while as many as 64% of respondents find it crucial. Monitoring every aspect of your enterprise’s financial health requires a custom software product. When engineering it for you, our team ensures that the solution conforms to accounting standards, such as GAAP and IFRS, and then adjusts to the needs of your business vertical.

Wealth Management

With over 60% Americans being likely to get financially unhealthy, wealth management apps are a wise allocation of capital spending. We co-build technically sophisticated systems for investment management, retirement income planning, setting financial goals, progress monitoring, detecting market deviations, and ongoing consultancy. High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) as well as small-business owners, or families alike can all easily become the users of this convenient and comprehensive solution.

Technology Expertise

and Native Mobile
R. Python
Full Stack

Did You Know?

$4.7 bn
The value of investment in U.S. Fintech ventures is projected to increase to 4.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

Take Our Clients'
Word for It

Oleksandr Makhinich

Oleksandr Makhinich,CTO, Intellogate

The selection of technologies, platforms, and architecture design were handled jointly by a team of AltexSoft engineers and Intellogate. Project and quality management as well as schedule control were as agreed to and on par with the highest universal standards. The professional approach, understanding of our needs, and flexibility in decision-making led to building a system that precisely matched our requirements. Generally, I think the developers, analysts, architects, and QA specialists from AltexSoft deserve the highest marks for their work. We plan to maintain our relationship with AltexSoft to build digital solutions for servers and terminals for Self-service market.
Oliver Farago

Oliver Farago,Chief Technology Officer, M7 Real Estate Ltd., United Kingdom

I am really happy to work with AltexSoft. The project manager as a single point of contact is doing great job in bringing all things together. The QA Automation team is really helpful in support of regular delivery process of the product.
Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO,A Fintech Startup, United States

I continue to be impressed with your ability to run such a polished and professional application. The application and the ongoing support and improvements have allowed us to successfully introduce the product in a very competitive market. The data that it provides is used to make investment decisions and to help manage the safety and soundness of US banks. I’m proud of what you’ve created and I sincerely thank you.
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