Our Team

What you need to know is that every member of our team cares about the ultimate outcome of their work, while loving the process of doing it. See what motivates us to build a great custom software product for you.


driven BS, MS and PhD professionals
ready to take on your project


Our engineers fall into 4 proficiency categories: 17% Junior Level Engineers, 39% Middle Level Engineers, 37% Senior Level Engineers/Consultants, and 7% Project Leads/ Project Managers.


In order to be most energetic and productive, we chug 2880 cups of refreshing coffee a year.


We hold 90 meetings a month on average to generate innovative ideas and integrate them into your product.


What makes us inventive in what we do for you is nurturing our bodies and minds. Our library numbers more than 100 professional books and several ebooks with limitless educating opportunities.


Out of 9728 lines of code written per day, we construct your top-notch custom solution with passion and commitment.


With the goal to reach a complete understanding with you, we diligently spend 1464 hours a year on learning English.


We devote an average of 45 mins per skype session to get to the bottom of your individual business needs.
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