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Hana Breineh

answered  Jun 3, 2023

I think it depends on the business you travel domestically or internationally. You can look up online booking platforms on the Internet. Or you can try,, Kayak,, TripAdvisor, and so on. I think it might be useful to you. Besides, you can play smash karts on a smartphone.

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Mar 2, 2023

Hello there!

AeroCRS has a Developers Hub that contains all the guides and documentation you might need to build an API connection with them. They have APIs available both on JSON and on XML.

To get access to their APIs, you have to choose one of the integration options and sign up with AeroCRS (that includes submitting the form and signing a full contract and a distribution contract).

Currently, AeroCRS has 5 integration options for airlines, their affiliates, travel agencies, and aggregators:

  • Website Integration -- to add the AeroCRS booking widget and redirect customers to the airline website for booking;
  • Advanced integration -- to develop your own search engine and redirect customers to the airline website for purchase;
  • Availability and Fares -- to retrieve information on flights availability and fares and redirect customers to the airline website for booking;
  • Full Booking Process -- to implement a complete booking flow, including payment and ticketing (agreements with every airline are required);
  • AeroCRS Network --  to implement a full booking flow after signing one agreement with AeroCRS instead of separate agreements with every airline.

For all types of integrations the pricing is the same: it's free if you do up to 400k requests per month, anything above that is charged $0.001 USD per request. Plus, you pay $0.70 USD per segment booked.

For more information, you can also visit their Knowledge base.

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asked  Mar 29, 2022

I want to know if it's compulsory to book a return flight ticket even if you are traveling for employment purpose which will take you to be in the country for more than one year.

What hotels use OPERA PMS?

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asked  Aug 25, 2021

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Saloni Saxena

answered  Feb 14, 2022

Ok so per my reccomendation there are some flight apis that are best i.e

  • Amadeus
  • flightapis
  • Travelport
  • Sabre
  • Mystifly
  • TravelFusion

To know more details about api integration check out this link provided.


SaaS Car Rental

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asked  Jul 29, 2021

Is there a solid SaaS Car Rental system that has a quality API which allows for building your own booking and checkin flows?  We've looked at a number of options.  Most seem like custom pro-serve implementations to startup up and they seem to have little to no API.

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Manoj Sharma

answered  Jan 20, 2022

The Hotel API I would suggest for a startup that wants to negotiate rates/inclusions directly with hotels are as follows -

  • Stuba API
  • Travel Boutique Online
  • HotelBeds API
  • Travellanda API
  • BedsonlineAPI
  • lobal API
  • JacTravel API
  • Mikki API
  • Triton API
  • bookohotel API

Hope this information will help you . To know more about API integration . Go through this link .

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Mat Pincovai

answered  Jul 16, 2021

Hi Vanika,

As of today there are no car rental APIs in the Self-Service framework. For this you will need to use Enterprise.

Kind regards,

Revenue Management System

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Maryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft

answered  May 31, 2021

Hi there,
It’s not unusual for PMS providers to separate their Revenue Management module from the base software. With providers such as Protel and eZee Absolute, you will have to either pay extra for RM features, while others like Little Hotelier have simple tools for integrating with third-party revenue management software. Both of these options are normal in the industry and are not complicated to set up.
If you still require RM to be included in the base PMS package, consider these products:

  • OPERA 5 and OPERA Cloud have rate management functionality and flexible inventory control features out-of-the-box, plus numerous add-ons. Read more about Oracle’s proposition here.
  • Maestro PMS has an integrated dynamic rate and yield management module.
  • Hotelogix has dynamic pricing features and offers price recommendations.
  • IQware provides occupancy forecasts and calculates five levels of yield.

We have a more detailed overview of these and other PMSs in a separate article, so make sure to check it out. Hope it helps!

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ward rose

answered  Oct 3, 2022

With the use of Channel Manager, simply when a guest makes a reservation on an online channel, it will automatically update the corresponding availability through other online booking channels that the hotel is distributing.
When you update room availability and rates on Channel Manager, it syncs with all the hotel distribution channels you're selling. 
Benefits of using Channel Manager
- Help you sell the most rooms through many distribution channels without worrying about overbooking
- Reduce the time of managing room availability and rates on many different channels by using only a single management point

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Ivan Mosiev, Solution Architect at AltexSoft

answered  Jan 22, 2021

Hi, Francisco!
Thank you for your question and feedback

First of all, let me draw your attention to the fact, that from API point of view your request is not correct. {flight-orderId} you can see in Amadeus API reference for bookings management is not a PNR. This is an order ID, you can find this order ID in /booking/flight-orders response when you create a booking using POST verb. This is Amadeus internal identificator that is required to get PNR information using self-service or enterprise REST API of Amadeus.

However your assumption about access issue is also correct. You can not retrieve any PNR from GDS without appropriate permissions and not always PNR that passengers see on their tickets are the same PNRs that can be retrieved from Amadeus. If several systems are involved in the booking process, (say, an OTA booked a flight via Sabre, but an airline operating the flight hosts its CRS in the Amadeus system), each of them generates its own booking reference to the file with flight details. 
So, to work with a certain flight order in Amadeus, you have to enter the record locator (6-character code) returned particularly by Amadeus  — not the PNR number you see on the e-ticket or in the booking confirmation e-mail.

Please contact us in case you have more questions, we will be happy to help you with GDS integration for your business

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Ihor Lobastov, Copywriter at AltexSoft

answered  Dec 22, 2020

Concerning the first part of a question:
It’s a rule of thumb that in travel no data can be accessed for free. In most cases, you’ll need to contact either a booking platform, or a metasearch to access travel data API, if there is one. 
Which is currently a big question: few platforms offer such APIs. 
For example, Scyscanner has an API for sourcing pricing data dynamically. Scyscanner states that the API includes flight, hotel, and car rental data. So you may request the access by contacting them. 
There is also an unofficial API on KAYAK that also offers hotel information. 
So, to wrap it up, the best way is probably reaching out to other meta searches/hotel websites, to gain access to their APIs, source rates, and probably get the deeplinks.
A less recommended way is web scraping. You can monitor web pages to receive pricing and other information on booking using crawler programs. However, this isn’t reliable, as prices won’t be updated dynamically. Moreover, the use of a crawler may cause legal issues, as travel content providers forbid the use of such programs. 
As for the second part of the question. The secret prices, or “Private Rates” are usually visible for authorized partners of a given hotel. These rates are shipped via a paid subscription or membership in the private rate group. 
So for entering such a group, there is no other way then contacting the provider directly. 

But, pay attention that private rates are not allowed to be publicly exposed. So for the metasearch business model, it’s probably not possible to use them. They are primarily intended for bed banks and other types of distributors.

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Maryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Oct 29, 2020

Hi Muhammed,
We don’t have a confirmation that any GDS provides bus booking capabilities. But you can look into software providers such as Travelopro or Etravos to integrate bus APIs. Alternatively, you can contact Sabre, Amadeus, or Travelport for more information.

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asked  Oct 6, 2020

I want to store multiple travelers information during booking using loop , i am using Amadeus Nodejs sdk please guide me.

ePower API for our travel website

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Anil Sharma

asked  Aug 16, 2020

We are India based searching ePower API for our travel website. In Indian Amadeus office nobody knows details of ePower.

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Siddhartha Sen

asked  Jul 1, 2020

Say I have two flight segments A to B and B to C with three hour overlay. A to B is by (say) United and B to C is by another Airline where United may or not may not have a codeshare.

Now I want to build a single ticket from A to C in an single PNR so that baggage is automatically transferred and missed connections will be handled.

How can I do it?

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asked  Jun 4, 2020

does someone know if ElAl has open api of flights and others..
and how to access it?

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asked  May 11, 2020

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Saloni Saxena

answered  Jan 21, 2022

So I will recommend the best flight api from which you can book flights and Simply get the seating information and details about number of flights .

The best flight api I would suggest are -

  2. Amadeus
  3. Sabre
  4. Mystifly
  5. TravelPort
  6. TravelFusion

These are the top 6 Flight API I would suggest.

Hope this information will help you. To know more details about API integration go through this link .

Hotel information API?

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Saloni Saxena

answered  Jan 20, 2022

Hello Everyone ,

The Hotel Search Api I would recommend are -

  1. Amadeus
  2. Sabre
  3. HotelBeds
  4. Bedsonline
  5. Travellanda
  6. Travel Boutique Online

These are some of the hotel Search API I would suggest. If anybody wants to know more about HotelApi go through this link  .