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How to save the details of several travelers within the time of booking using loop?

I don't know how to save the details of several travelers within the time of booking using loop?

I would like to store multiple travelers' information while booking using the loop method. I am working with the Amadeus Node.js software development kit; hope someone know to give me a guide?

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Christian Evan

asked  Aug 24, 2022

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Ivan Mosiev, Solution Architect at AltexSoft

answered  Sep 7, 2022


Hi Christian!

Can you share the code that creates difficulties? You can publish it on or create a gist on and share a link here.

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Hasim Can

answered  Sep 25, 2023


Hi there! Saving multiple travelers' details during booking using loops in Amadeus can be tricky. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Set up an array to store each traveler's information as you loop through and collect it. For example:
  • let travelers = [];

    for(let i = 0; i < numTravelers; i++) {
      let traveler = {
        firstName: /* get first name*/, 
        lastName: /* get last name*/,
        // other details  


  • When making the booking, loop through the travelers array and add each object to the booking payload.
  • To identify each traveler separately in the booking, use indexes like travelers[0]travelers[1] etc and attach an identifier like "id": "1".
  • After booking, save the travelers array to your database to persist the details.

The key points are structuring the data properly for the API, keeping track of indexes/IDs, and saving the array afterwards. Let me know if any part needs more clarification!