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How to integrate with Aero CRS API?

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asked  Mar 31, 2022

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Mar 2, 2023


Hello there!

AeroCRS has a Developers Hub that contains all the guides and documentation you might need to build an API connection with them. They have APIs available both on JSON and on XML.

To get access to their APIs, you have to choose one of the integration options and sign up with AeroCRS (that includes submitting the form and signing a full contract and a distribution contract).

Currently, AeroCRS has 5 integration options for airlines, their affiliates, travel agencies, and aggregators:

  • Website Integration -- to add the AeroCRS booking widget and redirect customers to the airline website for booking;
  • Advanced integration -- to develop your own search engine and redirect customers to the airline website for purchase;
  • Availability and Fares -- to retrieve information on flights availability and fares and redirect customers to the airline website for booking;
  • Full Booking Process -- to implement a complete booking flow, including payment and ticketing (agreements with every airline are required);
  • AeroCRS Network --  to implement a full booking flow after signing one agreement with AeroCRS instead of separate agreements with every airline.

For all types of integrations the pricing is the same: it's free if you do up to 400k requests per month, anything above that is charged $0.001 USD per request. Plus, you pay $0.70 USD per segment booked.

For more information, you can also visit their Knowledge base.