It’s startup project, so you will have a unique opportunity to shape the technical future of the company. If you are looking for satisfaction – this position is for you. You will have influence and will work with an amazing team of experts and entrepreneurs who have led and built multi-billion companies. You will have an opportunity to ware many hats, learn a lot, and have visibility starting from the business level and all the way to the source code. In our engineering team we value teamwork, technical excellence, and quality.


  • 10+ years experience in Java Enterprise architecture and development
  • Proven experience of building large-scale systems operating with large volume of data and events
  • Experience in architecting scalable systems using AWS
  • Deep understanding of SOA, JPA/Hibernate, Spring
  • Experience in building public and internal REST APIs
  • Strong experience with data technologies – RDBMS, big data, machine learning
  • Understanding of rule engines, event processing, real-time data analysis (preferably Drools, Spark)
  • Experience with scalable messaging systems (AWS Kinesis or Kafka is preferred)
  • Understanding of patterns to integrate with partners through APIs, messaging, and data exchange
  • Experience with financial systems (banking, processing, payments) is a big plus
  • Understanding of best software security practices
  • Knowledge of Maven and good understanding of unit testing, CI, and continuous deployment
  • Comfortable to use Jira, Confluence, Jenkins
  • Understanding of Scrum development process