AltexSoft is looking for a person who join our mid-level management team. This person should be a good leader who is able to encourage people to provide high-level services for the Client. Looking for the balance between Client, Employee and Company needs while the Company at the stage of growing is a challenge the person will face with. Therefore ability to hear people in combination with ability to take over the responsibility is a must.


  • Resource management:
    1. Project assignment;
    2. Resource planning;
    3. Salary management;
    4. Seniority pyramid management.
  • People management:
    1. Employee education and growth;
    2. Attrition management;
    3. Employee retention.


  • Technical expertise accumulation;
  • Fulfill the projects with required resources in terms, amount and budget.


  • Gross Profit;
  • Utilization;
  • Attrition.

Required experience:

  • 3+ years working in IT;
  • Upper-Intermediate English;
  • Success cases in management role;
  • Technical background is a plus;
  • Process management is a plus.