We are looking for responsible, experienced .NET developer who is ready to work with latest technologies (.NET Core, Microsoft Azure). We are expecting good team work and fast learning abilities.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and 3+ years of IT experience with 2+ years of software development and engineering experience;
  • .NET/C#;
  • .NET Core, ASP.NET Core;
  • Microsoft Azure is a good to know (Azure Service Fabric, Azure Service Bus, Azure Queues, Azure Table Storage, Azure Blobs etc.);
  • Experience in MSSQL, EF Core;
  • Experience in CQS, SOA (Microservices);
  • Experience with VSTS;
  • Optional: React.JS TypeScript, React-Redux, Redux, Redux-Saga;
  • Optional: NoSQL databases.

About the project:
Client see an opportunity in meeting needs of Requesters, Buyers, Receivers and Accounts Payable requesting approval of their transactions, from the one side, and Approvers deciding whether the transaction is appropriate, from another side, by providing them with a cloud-based Procure-to-Pay platform where company employees can be guided through the allowed process with improved approval workflow.

Currently, companies use the existing on-premise solution to create and follow their approval processes in the Procure-to-Pay workflow. However, this solution is unstructured and inefficient. This outlines an opportunity to introduce a cloud-based Procure-to-Pay platform where companies can improve internal collaboration within the whole process with the modernized role-based graphical user interface and user experience.

The current MVP 3.0 project is aimed to be a user-friendly cloud-based Procure-to-Pay platform providing companies with easy onboarding process and improved communication between Requester, Buyer, Receiver, Account Payable and Approver with functionality to create approval workflows within one company, have a role-based access to the status of every transaction, view audit logs which ensure financial compliance.