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What is TMS software?

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asked  Sep 27, 2019

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Oct 1, 2019


Transportation management system or TMS is a logistics platform for processing fleet operations related to physical movements of freight. The main reason for implementing a TMS is to reduce freight spend.

So, how exactly does a TMS influence freight savings?

Its reporting and analytics tools demonstrate what bad and good business decisions were made. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and tap into the right conclusions in the future.

With TMS you decrease time on freight management. It gathers all shipment-related documents in one place. So once integrated into your ERP, you save time on data entry as it syncs with other cross-departmental systems like aWarehouse Management System.

TMS introduces new delivery capabilities that enable same-day and instant delivery services.

TMS delivery management, scheduling, and order tracking features ensure on-time deliveries. This results in more accurate management of the inventory at hand.

TMS is a puzzle of the logistics management system. If you have any more questions, this article may answer them.