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What is the difference between OLAP database and relational database?

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asked  Jun 4, 2021

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Zaid md

answered  Mar 18, 2022


Relational Database (RDBMS)

  • RDBMS is a DBMS that enables the organization of aggregated data.
  • Relational DBMS is the most widely used database like Oracle, SQL Server. It is characterized by handling data in tables with basic keys that make it possible to identify the rows in each table separately. And an external key that allows you to associate the table with other tables.

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)

  • OLAP is a collection of software tools that provide information to business decision-makers.
  • OLAP usually works on a standardized database to facilitate OLAP, not OLTP. These databases are often referred to as data warehouses.
  • You can check the comparison and key differences between OLAP vs OLTP here