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What is the difference between CTMS and EDC systems?

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asked  Jul 24, 2020

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Jul 24, 2020


CTMS or Clinical Data Management System is software for managing the whole clinical trial process. EDC or Electronic Data Capture is just one of the steps in that process - creating protocols and case report forms, recording patient data, and sending it to where it belongs. 

Not all clinical trials use complicated CTMSs, but most of them have an EDC, because they replace paper forms and reports. Sometimes patients use them too, when they’re accessing ePROs to report their health. We have a whole article on clinical trial software, where we explain all these systems and how they comprise the trial workflow.

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Simple Jack

answered  Aug 23, 2023


CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) and EDC (Electronic Data Capture) systems are both crucial tools in clinical research, but they serve distinct purposes. A CTMS focuses on managing the overall operational aspects of a clinical trial, including study timelines, budgets, site management, and communication. On the other hand, an EDC system is designed to collect, store, and manage patient data electronically, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. While CTMS oversees trial logistics, EDC handles data collection and integrity.