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What is the best flight API to integrate?

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asked  Dec 11, 2018

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Dec 11, 2018


It depends. There’s no single best flight API. Your choice depends on the specific problem you’re trying to solve (e.g. enable flight and fare search, or track flight status with departure and arrival times, or enable flight booking). Generally, there are two basic options: source data from global distribution systems (or GDSs, the major, worldwide flight aggregators) or directly from airlines. In some cases, you can check APIs by tech providers like FlightStats.

If you need the widest airline coverage and you want to implement flight booking, check GDS APIs by Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus. Each of them covers about 400 active airlines. They search for flights and low fares, and do booking and ticketing. The problem with this approach is that some airlines like Lufthansa set surcharges for booking through GDSs because they want to encourage direct booking or direct cooperation with resellers.

So, the option is to integrate and partner directly with each airline you need. That, however, presents an even larger number of problems as there are only about 40 airlines that have standardized XML-based APIs and each of them is slightly different. So, the engineering effort may be enormous. On the bright side, with direct connections, you get the widest ancillary booking support, seat selection, baggage customization options, etc. The most balanced approach to flight search and booking is to combine GDSs with some direct integrations.

If your goal is general info without booking capabilities, you may not need GDS or direct integration. The first place to go for fresh flight fare data is ATPCO, the main fare distribution provider. The largest pool for timetables, routes, and connections is provided by Innovata, a travel tech company. Also check FlightStats and Flightradar24 for flight and airport details like delay indexes, arrivals and departures, aircraft equipment, airport FIDS, flight status, etc.
If you need something simple and don’t want to go through raw airline data, you may contact OTAs or metasearch platforms to integrate their APIs. The key provider here is Skyscanner, but also consider Expedia or Kiwi.

For more details, have a look at our travel API's articles.

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Semi Sagir

answered  Jun 7, 2019


I would recommend to check HitchHiker’s Flight API, because it provides access to all major GDS like Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre. Furthermore it offers direct connections to a great number of low-cost and full-service carriers.

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teamindia webdesign

answered  Dec 3, 2019


GDS is a worldwide “Global Distribution System” computerized reservation network used as a single point of access for accommodating airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites, and large corporations.
There are various flight API available in the market like sabre,travelport, Amadeus. it's totally depends upon on your requirment As per my opinon Amadeus GDS is one of the major GDS systems,The Amadeus software GDS integration providers offer you benefits like the control on live inventory, Easy connectivity, Real-time pricing, Automatic content update, Multiple channels for distribution and utilization.

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Nadia Severino

answered  Feb 5, 2020


Well I think you should try FlightAPI Which will provide you with 4 different kind of APIs:1) Flight tracking API which tracks any flight around the world in real-time by providing you the height , coordinates, speed & other essential data in JSON format.2) Flight Price Comparison API , which provides flight fares for any type of journey from multiple vendors & airlines.3) Nearby Airport & Airport Schedule  API4) Autocomplete API & IATA code APIAlltogether it's  a nice API. Do try it's FREE pack.

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Katie Patron

answered  Aug 12, 2020


I like using Travelpayouts for API. They provide it for Aviasales and Jetradar. It’s a metasearch API so the user searches a bunch of airline offers from your site, but the actual payment is done at the airlines’ site. Which is a very good thing because I’m not be responsible, if there’re any problems with the flight.
The best thing is that it’s completely free. The next best thing is that their support team is quick to answer and actually helpful.(Unlike Skyscanner who I’ve tried working with.) Also, they work with CPA. If you have quality traffic, than it’ll be way more profitable than CPC.

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Saloni Saxena

answered  Feb 5, 2022


Ok so from my outlook the best flight APIs to integrate include :-

  • Amadeus
  • Flightapis
  • Sabre
  • Mystifly
  • TravelPort
  • TravelFusion

These are the 6 Flight APIs which I would suggest .

Hope this answer will be helping you and you all will be liking my answers .

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Sandhya Sampaje

answered  Mar 2, 2022


I would like to suggest the following:

  • Amadeus
  • Sabre
  • Mystifly
  • TravelFusion

Most of the Full service or Low Cost carriers content will be available with these companies.



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Steve Diaz, Software Developer at Walmart

answered  Apr 19, 2023



There are several flight APIs available that you can integrate into your application, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some popular options to consider:

  1. Skyscanner API: Skyscanner offers a comprehensive API for searching and booking flights, as well as other travel-related data such as hotels and car rentals. They offer a variety of endpoints for different use cases, including flight search, pricing, and availability.

  2. Amadeus API: Amadeus provides a suite of APIs for developers to build travel-related applications, including flight search, booking, and management. They offer both REST and SOAP APIs, as well as SDKs for several programming languages.

  3. Sabre API: Sabre is another popular option for flight APIs, offering a range of services for travel agencies, airlines, and developers. Their APIs provide access to flight availability, pricing, and booking, as well as other travel-related data.

  4. Travelport API: Travelport provides APIs for travel agencies, airlines, and developers to access travel content, including flights, hotels, and car rentals. They offer a variety of endpoints for different use cases, including search, pricing, and booking.

Ultimately, the best flight API for your needs depends on your specific use case and requirements. It's important to evaluate each option carefully and choose the one that best meets your needs in terms of functionality, reliability, and cost.

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ClearHolidays™ India

answered  Sep 1, 2023


In the rapidly evolving travel industry, integrating a reliable flight API is essential for creating seamless and efficient travel experiences. A flight API provides developers with access to real-time flight data, enabling them to offer users accurate flight information, search functionalities, and booking options. With a multitude of flight APIs available, selecting the best one for your project can be a challenging task. In this guide, we'll explore the factors to consider when choosing the best flight API and how can help you make an informed decision.

1. Consider Your Project's Requirements:
Before diving into the available flight APIs, it's crucial to identify your project's specific requirements. Are you building a flight comparison website, a mobile app, or a travel management platform? Consider whether you need access to comprehensive flight data, advanced search options, multi-airline integration, or specific features like flexible date searches or fare predictions.

2. Evaluate Data Coverage and Accuracy:
The quality of flight data is paramount for delivering reliable information to users. Look for a flight API that offers broad coverage of airlines, routes, airports, and destinations. Additionally, prioritize APIs that provide real-time updates on flight status, delays, cancellations, and gate information. ClearHolidays, known for its travel insights, can guide you in understanding the importance of accurate data for a seamless user experience.

3. API Documentation and Ease of Integration:
Review the API documentation of potential flight APIs to ensure that they provide clear instructions for integration. A well-documented API will make the integration process smoother for developers. Look for sample code, API endpoints, request parameters, response formats, and authentication methods. User-friendly documentation can save you time and effort during the implementation phase.

4. Performance and Speed:
The speed at which an API delivers results can significantly impact the user experience. Choose a flight API that offers fast response times, minimal latency, and efficient data retrieval. A responsive API ensures that users receive up-to-date flight information without delays.

5. Pricing and Business Model:
Flight APIs often come with various pricing models, such as pay-as-you-go, subscription-based, or tiered plans. Evaluate your budget and determine whether the API's pricing aligns with your project's requirements. Keep in mind that while some flight APIs offer free tiers with limited features, premium plans may provide more advanced functionalities.

6. Flexibility and Customization:
Look for a flight API that allows customization to match your application's branding and user interface. APIs that offer customizable search options, filters, and sorting parameters enable you to tailor the user experience to your target audience.

7. Support and Reliability:
Reliable customer support is crucial when integrating and maintaining an API. Choose a flight API provider that offers responsive customer support, documentation updates, and troubleshooting assistance. Additionally, ensure that the API provider guarantees high availability and minimal downtime.

8. ClearHolidays Guidance:
ClearHolidays, a platform renowned for its travel expertise, can offer insights into the best flight APIs based on your project's needs. Their knowledge of the travel industry can help you navigate through the numerous options and narrow down your choices.

Integrating the best flight API for your project is a critical decision that impacts the functionality and success of your travel application. By considering factors such as data coverage, accuracy, documentation, performance, pricing, flexibility, and support, you can make an informed choice. Additionally, seeking guidance from ClearHolidays™ can provide you with valuable recommendations and insights to ensure that you select the optimal flight API that aligns with your project goals. With the right flight API in place, you can provide users with a seamless, reliable, and enjoyable travel booking and information experience.

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Laker Kolya

answered  Dec 2, 2023


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tani yuki

answered  Dec 4, 2023


They offer both REST and SOAP APIs, as well as SDKs for several programming languages. 

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