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What is patient engagement in healthcare?

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Sanjana Narkar

asked  Oct 6, 2021

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Maryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Oct 11, 2021


Hi Sanjana! If you haven’t read our article on patient engagement, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of answers there.

But in short, patient engagement is a set of practices and tools for helping patients become more educated about their conditions and more confident when managing them. Three main aspects of patient engagement include:

  • Education -- explaining the course of treatment using videos, schemes, and other digital materials.
  • Decision making -- using so-called decision aids that provide the overview of treatment options to help patients make an educated choice.
  • Support outside the doctor’s office -- safe and convenient messaging, scheduling, and medication adherence reminders.

Let us know what else you want to learn on this topic.