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What is Klook? How does Klook work?

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asked  Aug 23, 2019

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Aug 28, 2019


Klook is a travel activities (tours and attractions) platform. It allows travelers to book tours, diving activities, park visits, even train tickets, and more. It mostly targets travel in Asia.

From the inside, it works just as most big online travel agencies do. From the end-customer side, it has a mobile app and their website to book activities. And it connects with activity suppliers either via a SaaS interface (extranet) or an API. To get the idea, you can read how OTA back office works.

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brucce tran

answered  May 16, 2022


Klook, which was founded in Hong Kong and is short for "Keep Looking," is an online booking platform that links travelers with local operators in 350 cities worldwide. Its goal is to improve travelers' experiences, allowing them to have a more authentic and stress-free journey. and we also use it when promoting our Penalty Shooters 2 page. it's really efficient and stable.