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What is data profiling in ETL?

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asked  Aug 17, 2021

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Zaid md

answered  Mar 18, 2022


Data Profiling in ETL

The ETL data source is a collection of detailed data. It seeks to understand the structure, value, and significance of information and its relation to other information. This is done through Extraction, Conversion, and Upload (ETL) and helps companies find the information they need for their purposes.

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Steve Diaz, Software Developer at Walmart

answered  May 7, 2023



Thanks Zaid md,

Data profiling in ETL is the process of analyzing and assessing the quality and structure of source data before it is loaded into a data warehouse or repository. The purpose is to identify potential data quality issues, define rules and transformations, and ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the data. By performing data profiling, organizations can make informed business decisions and improve the overall quality of their data. salesforce field service lightning certification