What is cross-docking?



asked Aug 12, 2019

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AltexSoftAltexSoft Team
answered Aug 15, 2019

Cross-docking is a logistics technique through which you distribute products directly to their users. Typically, a manufacturer delivers a product to a warehouse, where it will be stored until customer demand arises – if it does. Cross-docking helps to eliminate product aging or damage by handling it immediately.

This usually happens in a hub (often a warehouse), where a truck unloads products and they are scanned, sorted, and reloaded into trucks that will deliver them directly to customers. This can happen as fast as 60 minutes or less. So, trucks arrive, each with its own type of product, and then leave, each carrying a variety of products for each customer. To make this process truly seamless, trucks and warehouses require automation technology. Today, this is the most effective method for delivering products quickly.

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