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What are top 10 fleet management companies?

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asked  Aug 9, 2019

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Aug 12, 2019


Hi there,

Many players provide comprehensive fleet management solutions (FMSs). The list starts with Geotab, Verizon, Teletrac Navman, and Fleetio.

Verizon Connect. This large FMS supplier covers distribution, fleet maintenance, fuel, and transportation management, GPS tracking, logbook, logistics, service, and transportation dispatch.
Geotab. This is your choice if you want a customizable solution. Geotab’s rich functionality includes customizable mapping, GPS vehicle tracking, route optimization, engine health and maintenance, and open data integration.
Teletrac Navman. It’s one of the largest FMS vendors providing cost-efficient offers.
Fleetio. This simple solution works well for maintenance management, fuel and inventory tracking, and driver scheduling.

For a more detailed overview of these FMSs, read our article. The story also covers all modules under the FMS umbrella.

Among other decent FMS options, have a look at:

  • GPS Insight for its multiple reporting features and a shared whiteboard
  • TomTom for its long-distance (over 20,000 km) tracking
  • Wialon by Gurtam for its 24/7 tech support and specific services like eco-driving
  • Omnitracs for easy logs editing
  • Whip Around for its flexibility in making changes and adding new users, vehicles, locations, forms, etc.
  • and Samsara for its quick location updates (about 15-20 seconds)
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William Jones

answered  Dec 11, 2019


Well curated list. Here I would like to add Contus, a leading digital transformation company that provides complete customizable fleet management solution matching your needs. 

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Sudipta Maity

answered  May 13, 2021


By implementing Faststream's hardware sensors into the fleet, you will get complete control of your fleet. bridge with compliance by managing data between sensors and systems. You will get insights reports of vehicle maintenance, driver behavior, fuel efficiencies, faster emergency response, and improve customer service and also keep a check of the operational status of your fleet.

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Hari Narayana

answered  Aug 31, 2021


Faststream Technologies’s Fleet Management Solution offers a comprehensive solution for time tracking your fleet with Cloud-backed IoT networking. With real-time access to captured data from sensors installed in vehicles, you get assured of compliance and fleet security norms. Add to it enhanced vehicle maintenance, fuel management solutions, prompt customer service, assured discipline from the drivers, and the location status.

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Utkarsh Singh

answered  Sep 13, 2021


Simply Fleet offers simple and affordable Fleet Management Software to help you track, monitor, and analyze your fleet’s operations. The best parts about Simply Fleet are:

- Simply Fleet doesn't have a cap on vehicles. All pricing tiers let you add unlimited vehicles.
- Simply Fleet is 100% cloud compliant. It is built for speed and security using Amazon Web Services.
- Manage your fleet from your smartphone or the web with their user-friendly design.

Main Features that let you optimize your Fleet are:

Store receipts and other information for every fill-up. Get analysis on fuel consumption and fuel costs.
Reduce your operating and ownership costs with our preventive maintenance reminders and Vehicle Inspections.
Store unlimited vehicles with all their maintenance history. Track every service done for your vehicles.
Keep track of your trips along with any expenses incurred and income earned on the trip.
Store data and documents for every driver. Be reminded when a driver document expires.
Control your fleet operations with our easy-to-read analysis. Fix problems before they happen.

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Andrey Aliev

answered  Oct 24, 2022


I would also add Driveroo Fleet to the list

Driveroo customizes exact visual representations of your vehicles and tailors every workflow to fit your unique process with as many or as few steps, pictures, comments, videos, data entries that you need. It’s the easiest way to get the exact solution for your fleet.