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What are the essential Features of an Employee Intranet Portal?

Hai all i want to know the essential Features of an Employee Intranet Portal?

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asked  Jun 28, 2021

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Boryslava Omelchenko, Copywriter at AltexSoft

answered  Jul 16, 2021


Thank you for your question. 

It goes without saying that corporate intranet portal software differs from one company to another based on business processes it needs to streamline. 

We’ve tried to single out several must-have intranet features for you to consider:

  • A responsive notification system is probably the most crucial feature as it provides employees with all the relevant updates, upcoming tasks, etc.
  • A convenient document management system not only organizes the company’s spreadsheets, text documents, and slide shows but also ensures their security.
  • The direct messaging feature will improve internal communication and eliminate the time spent on sending emails and waiting for responses.
  • An easy-to-navigate home page, where users can log in and search for important information such as work updates, company news, and so on.
  • Automated workflows to speed up working processes and save time on more important tasks.
  • Team workplaces to make it easier for different employees to collaborate on shared projects and work related to those projects.
  • A mobile-friendly design to provide employees with the opportunity to do work not only on desktop computers but also smartphones and tablets.
  • A comprehensive and intuitive search capability so that employees can find the information they need quickly. 

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list of intranet portal functionalities, just the most essential ones.