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What are the differences between Agoda and Booking affiliate programs as they both belong to the same Booking Holdings?

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asked  Nov 1, 2018

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Nov 1, 2018


While they are subsidiaries of the same holding company, there are some differences both in terms of business models and the ways they partner with affiliates. is an online travel agency, meaning that travelers pay a hotel directly for a stay including a fee to an affiliate and Booking itself. They use a progressive approach to affiliate earnings. In other words, the more checkouts per month you generate, the higher your earning rate is. For instance, if you bring only 0-50 customers, your rate will be 25 percent. If you make 501 or more, you get 40 percent. Booking provides an API. You can also place branded banners and widgets on your website or integrate a search box.

Agoda combines a travel agency model (similar to with that of a wholesaler. The latter means that at some hotels they purchase an inventory in advance to sell at a higher rate. Agoda also suggests a progressive approach, but in this case, you can get 35-60 percent in commission earnings. You can use an API, Agoda ads, links to integrate with the portal, and some other tools.

As you’ve guessed, Booking is a more robust and complex product than Agoda. And it deals with a lot more customers daily, being the largest accommodation OTA in the world. It’s also a more trusted one. On the other hand, with Agoda you have the potential of earning a higher commission per checkout.

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ClearHolidays™ India

answered  Sep 1, 2023


While they are subsidiaries of the same holding company, there are some differences both in terms of business models and the ways they partner with affiliates. is recognized as a prominent online travel agency, standing as a platform where travelers make direct payments to hotels for their stay, including a fee to both an affiliate and Booking itself. What sets apart is its progressive approach to affiliate earnings. In essence, the more checkouts per month an affiliate generates, the higher their earning rate becomes. To illustrate, if you're responsible for bringing in 0-50 customers, your commission rate will be set at 25 percent. However, if your contributions result in 501 or more bookings, your commission rate elevates to an impressive 40 percent. In terms of integration options, offers an API, allowing seamless access to its functionalities. Additionally, affiliates can incorporate branded banners and widgets on their websites or integrate a dedicated search box to enhance user experience.

Agoda, on the other hand, adopts a dual business model that combines aspects of both a travel agency and a wholesaler. Similar to, Agoda operates as a travel agency, facilitating direct payments from travelers to hotels. However, Agoda takes its approach further by occasionally purchasing a portion of hotel inventory in advance. This allows Agoda to sell these rooms at a premium rate. Similar to, Agoda employs a progressive commission structure that offers affiliates higher rates based on the number of checkouts. Affiliates partnering with Agoda can earn commission rates ranging from 35 to 60 percent. Integration options are diverse and encompass an API for seamless data access, Agoda ads, links to integrate with their portal, and various other tools.

Undoubtedly, emerges as a more robust and intricate product than Agoda. As the largest accommodation Online Travel Agency (OTA) globally, handles a substantial volume of customers daily and enjoys a heightened level of trust among users. This factor makes it a reliable choice for affiliates. Conversely, Agoda presents a unique opportunity for affiliates to potentially earn higher commission rates per checkout. It's worth noting that Agoda's combination of travel agency and wholesaler approaches contributes to this elevated earning potential.

In summary, both and Agoda are influential players in the travel industry, offering distinct affiliate models and commission structures. While boasts a larger user base and broader global reach, Agoda introduces the enticing prospect of higher commission earnings for affiliates. When deciding which platform to partner with, affiliates should consider their audience, preferences, and the potential for financial gain. ClearHolidays, with its expertise in the travel sector, can provide valuable insights and guidance to assist you in making an informed choice that aligns with your goals.