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what are the costs/charges for using hotelbed hotel and booking apis?

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asked  Mar 28, 2019

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Olexander Kolisnykov, Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Mar 29, 2019


Hotelbeds doesn't publicly publish their rates. As their APItude service has multiple sets of APIs and various types data that you can request, the end pricing can be very different depending on your needs.

So, the best option would be to contact Hotelbeds directly and provide them with the list of services that you plan to use.

However, you can test the APIs in the sandbox mode prior to opting for some specific services.

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mukul khanna

answered  May 20, 2021


I am a developer, i am trying to book a room with payment as well. and I also want to add my own commission on that amount. the commission amount I will charge from the customer.
How can I do that can you pls help me!