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What are the benefits of Travelport GDS?

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asked  Sep 26, 2019

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Sep 30, 2019


GDS industry is monopolized by three players, Travelport included. So we’ll compare it with the other GDS - Amadeus and Sabre.

First, we have to admit that Travelport is less popular among OTAs than Amadeus and Sabre. Still, it has strong sides and we’ll tell about them.

Industry coverage. It all depends on what travel service you want to integrate. The table below shows that Travelport is a good choice to reserve airplane seats, hotel rooms, and cruises. But when it comes to railways and car rentals, they don’t cover that much.

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Market share. Using the most popular GDS for a region means better seating options and pricing from carriers. Amadeus is the best fit for Europe but it’s weaker in the US. Sabre suits the needs of North America. Travelport’s advantage over the rivals is that its coverage is more evenly distributed across the world. It outperforms in Eastern Europe and Africa while growing in Asia and America.

API functionality. Actually, Travelport comprises three GDSs: Galileo, Worldspan, and Apollo, which are combined into a single Travelport Universal API. Unlike Amadeus and Sabre, the universal API is a bundle of functions and you can easily try it out with no strings attached. However, Amadeus certainly provides larger API variety.

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Travelport also was the first GDS to obtain level 3 compliance as a New Distribution Capability aggregator -  a required status to provide NDC services. Some consider NDC the future of communication in the travel industry. If you’re out of the loop, our article has all you need to catch up.

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Etraviax Technologies

answered  May 1, 2023


Travelport GDS (Global Distribution System) is a leading platform that provides travel content, technology, and services for the travel industry. Here are some of the benefits of using Travelport GDS:

  1. Access to a vast inventory of travel content: Travelport GDS provides access to a vast inventory of travel content, including airline, hotel, car rental, and other travel services. This makes it easy for travel agents to search and book the best travel options for their clients.

  2. Improved efficiency and productivity: With Travelport GDS, travel agents can automate their workflow and reduce manual processes, which improves their efficiency and productivity. This means they can spend more time providing personalized service to their clients.

  3. Customizable solutions: Travelport GDS offers customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of travel agents and their clients. This includes customized booking tools, travel policies, and reporting.

  4. Enhanced customer service: Travelport GDS allows travel agents to offer their clients personalized service, including travel recommendations, itinerary changes, and travel alerts. This improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  5. Real-time availability and pricing: Travelport GDS provides real-time availability and pricing information, which helps travel agents make informed booking decisions and provide accurate quotes to their clients.

  6. Global reach: Travelport GDS has a global reach, which means travel agents can access travel content and services from all over the world. This makes it easy for them to book travel for clients who are traveling internationally.

Overall, Travelport GDS offers a range of benefits to travel agents and their clients, including access to a vast inventory of travel content, improved efficiency and productivity, customizable solutions, enhanced customer service, real-time availability and pricing, and global reach.