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What are the benefits of MLOps for businesses?

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asked  Nov 26, 2020

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Nov 30, 2020


MLOps is a kind of reincarnation of DevOps for the needs of tech-driven companies relying heavily on machine learning algorithms. So, similar to DevOps, it facilitates communication between different experts  — more specifically, between data scientists who build machine learning models and operations professionals who put these models into production. 
The key promises of MLOps for businesses are 1) reduced time to market of AI-driven products, 2) enhanced user experience due to the fact that apps get timely updates, 3) higher quality of predictions, and 4) the ability of data scientists to focus on building new models  — instead of diving into deployment routine. 
You can learn more about MLOps from our dedicated article  — MLOps: Methods and Tools of DevOps for Machine Learning.