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Tableau error notation in brackets meaning

In Tableau I received the following error message:

The Google BigQuery service was unable to compile the query. Name Field1 is ambiguous inside Custom SQL Query at [62:33]

My BQ Query seems to work fine in BQ, but when copy paste in Tableau the above error shows. In order for me to track the error, I want to understand the error message.

What does [62:33] refer to? My query is only 47 lines of code, so I can't really seem to grasp the meaning of this notation...

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Thank you in advance.
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Vivek Garg

asked  Sep 28, 2022

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Kajal Digital

answered  Sep 12, 2023


In Tableau, the notation "[62:33]" in the error message is used to indicate the specific location within your Custom SQL Query where the error occurred. It provides a way to pinpoint the line and character position in your query where Tableau encountered a problem. Here's how to interpret it:

  • 62: This number represents the line number in your Custom SQL Query where the error occurred. In this case, the error is on line 62 of your query.

  • 33: This number represents the character position within line 62 where the error was encountered. It indicates that the issue occurred 33 characters into line 62.

So, in your specific error message, Tableau is telling you that there's an issue related to the "Field1" name being ambiguous, and it's located at line 62, character position 33 in your Custom SQL Query.

To track down the error and resolve it, you'll want to go to line 62 in your SQL query and review the code around character position 33. The ambiguity in the "Field1" name likely means that Tableau is having trouble determining which table or data source "Field1" is referring to within your query. You might need to provide more specific table aliases or adjust your query to make it unambiguous.