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Six sigma quality management and software development.


Is it possible to use Six Sigma Quality Management with Software Development Processes?

What's your experience with that?

If you're using an Agile method like Scrum or XP, isn't Six Sigma too bureaucratic?

I'm talking about quality management in software development as a whole, from requirements gathering until deployment and operations, and not only the construction phase (in which tools like TDD and unit testing are more or less already established as best practices). All these topic of quality management and software development is discussed in the six sigma green belt certification. 



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Atonal Wilson

asked  May 12, 2023

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James Millere, Developer at Walmart

answered  May 31, 2023


Hi, if you have this six sigma green belt certification then you can easily use Six Sigma Quality Management with Software Development Processes. There are plenty of ways to follow to use quality management in software development.