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Seeking Expert Guidance on Developing a Comprehensive Bookable Services Platform

Hello AltexSoft team and community,


We've been following your site and reading your insightful articles on GDSs, OTAs, booking engines, APIs, and more. Each article has sparked our curiosity and interest further.


Our Vision:

A little very non detailed short backstory of our idea, in summary, our idea is to create a platform that displays bookable services no matter the industry. From travel related services to beauty related services and everything in between. Our ultimate goal is to create a single big platform that connects businesses with bookable services to customers creating a one stop solution and a platform where all individual businesses and booking systems can reach out to customers. Therefore, for our startup to fulfill its goal we need to fill our website with content. The problem is that with other industries everything is fragmented. The beauty industry for example, businesses are fragmented. Some businesses use booking systems and others use booking systems with customer platforms that lets customers browse through saloons that have subscribed to its booking system only, while other businesses use their own created booking system etc meaning that getting content would require us to contact many platforms and individuals asking to get access to or invite them to display their services on our platform. This is all hard and we will save this for later. But, what made us interested in the travel industry and the content there is availability. We have gds's for example. You get plenty of content by integrating with one of these gds's. Generally, the travel industry is made in a way for other businesses to sell. So the content is already there and ready to be sold.


Phase One: Online Travel Agency:

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of travel services, including flights, hotels, activities, public transportation, transfers, car rentals, cruises, ferries and whatever fall under the industry of travel. We aim to integrate these services via APIs to capture the entire booking experience on our site. While managing bookings is not our priority, controlling pricing to add markups is essential.




  1. Integrating with Major GDSs:

   - We understand that integrating with major GDSs (Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport) requires credentials that can be costly and time-consuming. Alternatives include:

     - Consolidators: Like Mondee, picasso travel etc, which buy fares wholesale.

     - Companies (dont know what to call them): Duffel, Travelfusion, Flightslogic, Mystifly.

each of these companies have their strengths like presence in a specific region or partnerships with specific types of airlines etc



   - What are the differences between these companies and consolidators? We know that consolidators buy flights seats in bulk. Other than that then what?

   - Which would benefit us more in terms of rates, flight inventory, and customization (markups, commissions)?

   - Are there better options than these companies?

   - Should we combine APIs from different sources? Any tips?


  1. Hotel Integration:

   - We are considering Hotelbeds because of what we heard about their large inventory and good prices, as they also offer other services.



   - Is Hotelbeds the best overall choice for us?

   - Do they lack anything specific in their inventory?

   - Would combining suppliers to complement each other's weaknesses be a good idea? For example, combining with Agoda for their strong Asian market inventory.

   - If combining suppliers, which would be the best combination?

   - If starting with one supplier, which offers the best overall rates, inventory size, and global reach?


  1. Differentiation and Value Addition:

   - To stand out from competitors, we need to offer unique value. What current problems or gaps in the travel industry could we address?

   - For example, focusing on public transportation to help customers plan their entire trip seamlessly.



   - What problems or unmet needs exist in the travel industry that we could solve?

   - How can we differentiate ourselves by offering something unique to our customers?


Your professional opinions and tips will greatly help us move forward. We have struggled to find experts to consult, and we would be very grateful for your guidance.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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asked  May 29, 2024

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Olexander Kolisnykov, Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Jun 4, 2024

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answered  Jun 10, 2024