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Python Code Error


I am using built in functions and libraries for this python code and I am trying to execute this code, but it is showing NameError.


import time
# slower (Without map())
start = time.clock() 
s = 'geeks'
U = []
for c in s:
print (U)
elapsed = time.clock()
e1 = elapsed - start
print ("Time spent in function is: ", e1)
# Faster (Uses builtin function map())
s = 'geeks'
start = time.clock() 
U = map(str.upper, s) 
print (U)
elapsed = time.clock()
e2 = elapsed - start
print ("Time spent in builtin function is: ", e2)



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Harish Mehra

asked  Sep 7, 2022

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James Harry, Digital Trainer at igmGuru

answered  Oct 17, 2022


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