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How to integrate Yatra API into a website?

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asked  Nov 1, 2018

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Brandonson Rayser

answered  May 21, 2023


To integrate the Yatra API into a website, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Obtain API credentials: Sign up for a Yatra API account and obtain the necessary API credentials, such as an API key or access token.

  2. Understand the API documentation: Read and understand the Yatra API documentation, which typically provides details on the available endpoints, request/response formats, and authentication methods.

  3. Choose a programming language/framework: Select a programming language or framework that you are comfortable with for developing your website. Common choices include JavaScript (for front-end integration) or a server-side language like PHP, Python, or Node.js.

  4. Make API requests: Use the chosen programming language to make HTTP requests to the Yatra API endpoints. You can utilize libraries or frameworks specific to your chosen language to simplify the process. Ensure that you include the necessary headers and parameters required for authentication and to specify the desired information (e.g., flight details, hotel availability).

  5. Process API responses: Handle the responses received from the Yatra API. This typically involves parsing the response data and extracting the required information for display on your website.

  6. Implement error handling: Account for potential errors and exceptions that may occur during API integration. Handle these errors gracefully and provide appropriate feedback to the user.

  7. Test and debug: Test your integration thoroughly to ensure that it is working as expected. Debug any issues or errors encountered during the testing phase.

  8. Secure API calls: If required, implement additional security measures such as using HTTPS for API calls, validating user inputs, and protecting sensitive data.

  9. Deploy your website: Once you have completed the integration and testing, deploy your website to a web server or hosting platform of your choice.