How to integrate the Amadeus API with my travel website? Are there any project examples?



asked Nov 1, 2018

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AltexSoftAltexSoft Team
answered Nov 1, 2018

Amadeus has two API packages: Web Services and Travel Innovation Sandbox. The former is created for students or startups, as an exploration stage before the actual production. Amadeus Web Services also has two sets of APIs: Self-Service and Enterprise.

Self-Service is also a testing-only environment, but the production usage promises to be available soon. To try it out, review Amadeus’ catalog of REST/JSON APIs and then create an account in the Developers portal. In your personal profile, you will automatically get an API key that allows you to start testing APIs right away.
Enterprise APIs require requesting an access. The approval takes longer to receive, but you will get access to the full Amadeus API catalog. You can read about each API in the Enterprise stack here.

As for examples, see Aladdin Travel – a travel management company that uses Amadeus GDS to organize corporate and student travel. There’s also Titan Travel that specializes in escorted and solo tours. It switched to Amadeus exclusively after unsuccessfully trying to handle Galileo systems also.

AvatarMahdi Nasrabadi
answered Jan 22, 2019

Thanks a lot for your descriptions. What are the conditions for get access to enterprise API? Where I can find a sample of contract for access to Enterprise API services?
Best regards

Maryna IvakhnenkoMaryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft
answered Jan 24, 2019

Hi Mahdi,

Enterprise APIs are currently in beta and Amadeus doesn't disclose its conditions for granting access to them. So, the only way to know is to contact them directly.
We would recommend you to try Self-Service APIs as the program will give you quick access to production and the functionality pool is wide.

Maryna IvakhnenkoMaryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft
answered Feb 22, 2019

Mahdi, I'm afraid we're not related to Amadeus and can't help with customer service questions. This is a forum aimed to help API seekers and developers share their experiences. Nonetheless, we'd like to hear how your interaction with Amadeus continues - this will be very useful for everyone struggling with the same problem.

AvatarMahdi Nasrabadi
answered Feb 21, 2019

Thank you Maryana.
Unfortunately Amadeus has a very poor support team! We sent email to request Test access to their email for five times but they didn't answer anyone! What is the correct email of developers support team to we contact them for get test access to enterprise API codes?
Best regards

Maryna IvakhnenkoMaryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft
answered Feb 22, 2019

That's unfortunate, Mahdi. Have you tried phoning one of their physical offices? Find the closest to you here As we don't know what emails you tried to access, we can recommend trying sending the form from here (just choose your industry)
Let us know if this helps!

AvatarMahdi Nasrabadi
answered Feb 22, 2019

Greetings dear Maryana.
I filled that form many times! I sent email to also. I called your office in Iran and they didn't know even what is API !! It's very bad. While I filled a request form on Travelport website and they sent Trial Username and Password within 24 hours and we are working on their platform. Can you please introduce a specified person in Amadeus Developer team (in central office, not in Iran) that help us?

Best regards
Mahdi Nasrabadi

AvatarArchi Norval
answered Jul 4, 2019

Dear Maryna
I have signed up for the full Amadeus Enterprise API and to my surprise it is a massive SOAP endpoint system. I was expecting it to be REST/ JSON API's... 
Does anybody specialise or contract to help a company to consume the API. 
The purpose is to cut out months and months of development.

Maryna IvakhnenkoMaryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft
answered Jul 4, 2019

Hello Archi,

You can describe your problem to our sales people and they will suggest what can be done. Just fill the form or contact them directly here

Avatarsaikat Bhattacharyya
answered Feb 23, 2021

Can we use amadeus REST API for live application or it is only for demo purpose?

Pritesh ChandraPritesh Chandra
answered Jul 30, 2019

Enterprise API is massive yes but once you get it going, its requires lots of time in understanding all the parameters/input needed from the SOAP requests to get the desired results.
If you know what results you want as per your project scope, then you will need to read and understand the technical documentation A to Z.  And dont forget, session management is vital before you can get any certification from Amadeus.

Anthony RouxAnthony Roux, Developer Relations Manager at Amadeus
answered Feb 25, 2021

Hi Saikat,

The Self-Service APIs offer 2 different environments:
- Test environment: free of charge but limited (limited number of API calls per month and access to a subset of the production data). Good for prototyping and testing.
- Production environment: No restriction on the number of API calls and access to production live data without restrictions with a pay-as-you-go business model.
Moving from test to production is fully automated on the portal, no need to contact Amadeus for this.


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