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How to integrate Galileo GDS API with a travel website?

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asked  Nov 1, 2018

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Nov 1, 2018


Galileo is one of three GDSs along with Apollo and Worldspan that comprise Travelport GDS. Travelport has a pretty straightforward workflow to get started with product.

  1. Request trial access to Galileo APIs and submit a form on Travelport’s website. There, you’ll have to choose your preferred GDS from the three (Galileo in your case). This is free, and you will receive a key to Galileo in a few minutes. Here’s a link to documentation to help you.
  2. When you’re done with testing, contact an Account Manager from your profile or Travelport itself, and they will supply you with authorization.
  3. After you are authorized, contract finalization and certification will start. This is called the Pre-Production stage. Travelport asks you to complete a Universal API Requirements Questionnaire [.docx] to evaluate your capacity needs. After completion, you should request a sales representative call to review your questionnaire and finalize certification.
  4. When you receive your API certification, you enter the Production system. Make sure your developers and systems comply with Travelport’s requirements. You will receive further instructions from your account manager.
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Saloni Saxena

answered  Jan 20, 2022


Travelportalonline empowers organizations to use their gigantic capacities to disseminate their administrations, to make their business worldwide. Travel is something that everybody has an interest in.

Gailileo Flight GDS is one of the most popular travel aggregator and distributor . Travel portal or online flight booking system connected with it can caters all kinds of travel requirements like -

flight reservations, hotel reservations , travel packages, booking car rentals.

Hope all this information will help you . To know more details about Gailileo GDS Api go through this links  .

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Etraviax Technologies

answered  Feb 14, 2023


Integrating the Galileo GDS API with your travel website requires several steps. First, request trial access on Travelport's website and select Galileo as your preferred GDS. You can then obtain Development API Keys from Galileo and use them to build your own solution or order a pre-built one depending on your business needs.

After receiving the Development API Keys, inject them into your backoffice and complete the necessary paperwork and commercials with your local Galileo office. Next, you'll need to use programming languages such as Java, PHP, or .NET to create an application that can communicate with the Galileo GDS API.

Once your solution is set up, you can use the Galileo GDS API to retrieve flight, hotel, and car rental data and display it on your website. To allow customers to book travel reservations, you'll need to process their payments and ensure that your website complies with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

After testing your application, you can contact your local Galileo office to get authorized and certified to enter the Production system. During the Pre-Production stage, you'll need to complete a Universal API Requirements Questionnaire to evaluate your capacity needs. Once certified, ensure that your developers and systems comply with Travelport's requirements before entering the Production system.

When your application is certified, you'll receive a LIVE API that you can replace in the backoffice along with your consolidator's details. After that, switch your website to LIVE and start selling. The entire process typically takes one to two weeks.

It's essential to refer to the Galileo API documentation and work with a qualified developer to ensure that you meet the specific technical requirements for integrating the Galileo GDS API with your travel website. With the right resources and effort, you can successfully integrate Galileo GDS API with your travel website, enabling your customers to access a wide range of travel booking options.

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Mary Lancaster

answered  Mar 4, 2023


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Mike Rooney

answered  Apr 28, 2023


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Devin Parks

answered  May 15, 2023


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Victoria Watson

answered  May 19, 2023


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zetisonapi xerian

answered  May 27, 2023


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laury friese

answered  Jun 2, 2023


We provide a complete online travel booking software platform that comprises a Galileo GDS Candy Crush connection, user modules (such as B2C, B2B, B2E, and B2B2C), services modules (such as flights, hotels, transfers, cruises, trains, and sightseeing), and backend admin modules.