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How to integrate DrugBank API?

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asked  Mar 31, 2021

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DrugBank Team

answered  Aug 16, 2021


Hi there,

The DrugBank Clinical API is available through a commercial license. Reach out to our sales team and they can give you access to an API trial.

In the meantime, you can visit our Help Center for an in-depth look at the API and how it works.


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AltexSoft Team

answered  May 7, 2021


DrugBank gives detailed information on how to retrieve drug data via its API on the Help Center page.

Anyway, in the first place, you need to contact DrugBank to get an authentication key that allows access to the API.

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Steve Diaz, Software Developer at Walmart

answered  Oct 13, 2023



To integrate the DrugBank API:

  1. Sign up and get an API key from the DrugBank website.
  2. Study the API documentation to understand how it works.
  3. Choose your programming language.
  4. Make API requests with your API key.
  5. Process the API responses in your application.
  6. Implement error handling and rate limiting.
  7. Use the retrieved data for your project.
  8. Test your integration.
  9. Monitor and maintain it for updates.
  10. Ensure compliance and security with DrugBank's terms.

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Thank you.