How to integrate Amadeus's Flight Create Orders API?

I read their doc and all it says is that Flight Create Orders API creates a PNR on the airline’s reservation system. You’ll receive payment from the customer and then pay the airline.Finally, a ticket is issued once payment is received and the reservation has been logged.

I have contacted with one of consolidator, but the overall flow is still unclear staring after Flight Create Orders API returns successfully. Could anyone elaborate on the process (a step by step break down on what we should do till final booking is made)?

Thank you.


Mark Xu

asked Apr 4, 2020

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Kseniia BezuhlaKseniia Bezuhla, Copywriter at AltexSoft
answered Apr 29, 2020

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your interest.
Being a part of the Amadeus’s Self-Service API suite, Flight Create Orders API finalizes the booking. 
First, the Flight Offers Search API completes the search returning airline name and fare. 
Then, the Flight Offers Price API sends a request to Amadeus to confirm availability and fares for a selected offer. 
Next, the flow proceeds with the booking process:

  1. the Flight Create Orders API makes a booking request to the airline on behalf of the booking engine.
  2. the airline Passenger Service System generates a Passenger Name Record (PNR) with passenger information and itinerary details. PNR must be paid within 24 hours to confirm the booking.
  3. the Flight Create Orders API returns a passenger flight order ID along with the reservation details to the booking engine.
  4. After receiving the payment from the customer and paying the airline its share, an IATA-accredited agency is able to issue the ticket. But since IATA certification it’s out of budget for many agencies, they leverage airline consolidators to pay the airline and issue tickets on their behalf.  

Feel free to let us know if you have any further inquiries.

AvatarMark Xu
answered Apr 30, 2020

Hi,Kseniia Bezuhla
Thank you for your detailed explanation. Let me explain in my way and see if it is correct:
1) Flight Create Orders create a booking request, eseentially a reference number
2) Then search engine is responsible for filling in the customer details
3) pass the booking request along with customer information to air consolidator, pay them and air consolidator will print the invoice for you. 

Is my understanding correct? In addition, is there any intergration example for us to follow?   

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