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How to choose the right AWS partner?

I have to choose AWS partner for my company to manage cloud infrastructure. Could you please recommend how to choose the best outsourcing partner focused on the AWS platform?

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Claude Moore at Romexsoft

asked  May 27, 2020

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Priya Sharma

answered  Dec 27, 2022


Thanks for asking this question-

Well, you have made already a big decision. In my experience, looking for a specialized AWS Partner to manage your beloved site and cloud infrastructure on AWS. There are many ways you can follow to meet your requirements like the number of years in AWS services, a team of AWS certification professionals with the following skills set, the number of solutions delivered, and many more.

The ideal AWS Partner for your firm depends on a variety of different factors. Here’s exactly how to know it.

  • Before selecting an AWS partner, comprehend your business.
  • What internal AWS resources and expertise do you have?
  • How many years of experience they have as AWS services provider?
  • Know the reviews given by their customers.
  • Do you prefer in-house or outsourcing resources?
  • Ask number of queries before hiring them.

To get in details, you can read the FAQs here-