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how does these commission based search engines works

Hello. I was reading lot of your articles, they are super informative and helpful, so thanks you for that!! So, I am trying to understand how all of these commission based flight search engine works? you giving them some parameters, based on this parameters they return you wide range on flights. and when you trying to actually book a flight, they are sending you to some travel agents/ carrier companies with their affiliate link (am i wrong?). so, I registered to Amadeus API, as i understood its like the widest data source for that, so now i have the access to the most of the flights data. but the only option that given there is to book right trough the GDS itself- what makes you the agent by yourself (in case you allowed to book though GDS of course). But what is the source these search engines are using to take all of this info of prices of agencies and carriers for each flight? or am I wrong with all of my assumption? Thanks!

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Medanko roman

asked  Nov 2, 2019

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Maryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Nov 12, 2019