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How do I integrate flight API into my flight website?

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Cliobase fx

asked  Nov 19, 2019

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Olexander Kolisnykov, Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Nov 28, 2019


Hello Clio,
Thanks for asking. 
In the API integration, there are two parties. So how you establish the connection will depend on what you are attempting to achieve and the API you pick. 
First, you. What’s your flight website? Do you want to enable booking or only provide flight-related information to your users? Are you targeting specific regions or want to service worldwide? Not in the last place are such constraints as budget and resources. Based on these facts you’ll be choosing an API with the corresponding capabilities and coverage. 
Whether you choose to integrate with a GDS, a tech service provider, an OTA, or a metasearch, the process will differ. For instance, GDS will feed you pools of raw airline data, while OTAs and metasearch have it sorted out but in their own way. If you haven’t settled on the API provider yet, read our article about flight booking APIs
Once you know the platform you’d like to pull data from, go through its API documentation and play around with its test version, if it’s available. You’ll need an HTTP client to make calls to the API. 
Now that you’re sure your website will benefit from using this API, obtain the API key for access and find out if the provider assists with integration or offers a pre-built API connection. If not, you may involve a third-party integrator. Prior to the release, make sure to validate the API responses from your side. 
We at AltexSoft specialize in travel APIs integration. Only recently, we’ve rebuilt an OTA’s booking engine integrating Amadeus GDS into it. So you can specify your situation to us and we can give you more tailored advice.

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Nadia Severino

answered  Feb 18, 2020


You can use Flight Price Comparison API, which will help you to get prices from more than 70 vendors  & airlines. You can search for any route or for any cabin class(Economy, Business, First , etc) and for any type of journey(One-Way or Return). It also offers a FREE pack with 100 requests. Definitely check it out. Not just that it also provide Flight tracking API with coordinates, speed, weather, altitude and other stuff. It provides Autocomplete API, Airport Schedule API and IATA code API. It's the last Flight API you will ever need.

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Manoj Sharma

answered  Jan 10, 2022


You can use flight api  which will provide you request and response in json format, you will also get addtional baggage details, meal option and will get seat map. You do not need to hava IATA to use the api.

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george kol

answered  Jul 24, 2022


In order to integrate flight api integration in your website, you need to contact to GDS or wholesaler for getting the flight api.

a) api can be either JSON or WSDL Format.

b) you can check api in postman and create a structure

c) then you can create classes in your project and then start implement in the website

d) once integrated you can go for certification for getting live details.