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How can revenue collection improve the quality of healthcare services?

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Anna Solano

asked  Sep 23, 2021

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Anna Solano

answered  Sep 23, 2021


In the healthcare sector, revenue cycle management (RCM) manages claims, processing payments, and producing income. It begins when a patient schedules an appointment and continues until his account balance reaches zero.

Healthcare revenue cycle analytics are believed to play a role in the industry's transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.

RCM system analytics enable payers and providers to gain a more comprehensive view of their patient population, such as which chronic diseases affect which percentage of their patient population, monitor claims data, and identify any anomalies.

Revenue collection is something that is not directly related to the healthcare services, however it can be considered as a part of Hospital revenue cycle solutions where hospitals have the right to send down the claims for the services which patients have used at the hospital to the insurance providers. 

It might be difficult for an administrator to decide which technologies to employ and how much to transmit. It is preferable if a healthcare institution can have an IT professional there to address any IT-related concerns.


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Maria Chan, SEO Specialist at Neolytix

answered  Dec 9, 2021


HI there, to answer your question.

In providing shared service solutions to small healthcare businesses, revenue cycle management should be prioritized.It is an essential component to assess the growth of a business. It basically tracks your business revenue from your patient.

But one must understand that there are numerous factors to successfully grow your business even if it is just a small clinic. Some of the factors to consider are - the advantages of outsourcing a credentialing service, a marketing team, human resource staff, IT support and more.