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Flight API query with stopover airport

I want to query flights form A to B with 1 stop. Now I want to specify the airport where I would change flights. Which API is the best for that? Thanks in advance.

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asked  Mar 31, 2020

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Kseniia Bezuhla, Copywriter at AltexSoft

answered  Apr 7, 2020


Hi there,
Thank you for this insightful question.
Every flight search API has access to airline schedules that include connecting airports. But not always this API is capable of processing stopover requests.
Pulling flight data from Global Distribution Systems, you can set a stopover airport as an additional search parameter. So the API will return you only the flights with the leg in the selected airport.
Also, you can do it from your side: Once the itineraries are retrieved via the API, сreate a business rule for this data that will execute filtering by the stopover airport.