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Does anyone know examples of API integration?

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asked  Nov 1, 2018

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AltexSoft Team

answered  Nov 1, 2018


There are mainly two types of use cases for integrating APIs.
Accommodation booking by travel providers. The model is quite simple. You enroll in the affiliate program and then use the API and other affiliate products to either sell rooms from their inventory for a part of a commission or redirect users to The example of the former integration is Aegean Air, a Greek airline that allows travelers to book rooms in addition to flights. The latter is, an itinerary planning and travel search platform. While Aegean uses full functionality under its brand, Rome2Rio suggests accommodations, ratings, and pricing with range filters coming from the inventory.
APIs for channel managers. Another major API package is Connectivity. It suggests channel managers and other connectivity providers integrating as one of the sales channels. Examples for integration are all the popular accommodation channel managers that you can think of (SiteMinderDhiscoDerbySoft, etc.) Also keep in mind that doesn’t allow properties to connect directly. If you’re a hotel owner, you must connect via a channel manager only. You can set your property management page on the portal and pick your channel manager from there.

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ClearHolidays™ India

answered  Sep 1, 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of online travel and accommodation, API integration plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes and enhancing user experiences. When it comes to prominent players in the travel industry, is undoubtedly a standout. This raises the question: Are there any noteworthy examples of API integration that can shed light on the benefits and possibilities of such collaboration? offers a comprehensive API that empowers developers and affiliates to seamlessly integrate the platform's functionalities into their own websites or applications. This integration facilitates real-time access to a vast repository of accommodation options and booking capabilities, making it easier for users to explore and secure their travel arrangements.

One notable example of API integration is evident in the partnership between ClearHolidays™, a leading travel technology company, and ClearHolidays™ has harnessed the power of the API to create a user-centric platform that provides travelers with an intuitive and efficient way to search for and book accommodations. By integrating the API, offers users a seamless experience, presenting them with a wide range of lodging options from hotels to vacation rentals, and enabling direct booking through a user-friendly interface.

The integration of the API into ClearHolidays™ showcases the potential of API-driven collaborations in the travel industry. This synergy enables users to access a comprehensive array of accommodation choices without leaving the ClearHolidays™ platform. By tapping into the API, ClearHolidays™ not only broadens its offerings but also leverages's extensive global reach and trusted reputation to enhance the user experience.

Whether you're an online travel agency, a travel technology provider, or a developer aiming to enrich your platform's offerings, integrating the API holds great promise. The ability to seamlessly incorporate real-time data, search capabilities, and booking functionalities from empowers your platform to deliver value to users in a convenient and efficient manner.

As the travel industry continues to evolve, API integration remains a driving force in shaping the digital landscape. The partnership between ClearHolidays™ and stands as a testament to the transformative potential of API collaborations, enhancing the way travelers discover and secure accommodations. So, if you're considering API integration for your travel-related venture, take inspiration from examples like ClearHolidays™ to harness the power of seamless connectivity and elevate the travel experience for your users.