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Can API use to import bookings?

Is it possible to get booking details from through API? I want to process those records further like sending emails to the cleaning company, etc. For that, I would need to get booking information for my properties.

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Dipali Nipane

asked  Oct 2, 2019

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Maryna Ivakhnenko, Copywriter/Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Oct 11, 2019


Hello Dipali,

Thank you for your question. If we’re on the same page, you’re a property owner whose properties are listed on the platform. So you’d like to sync the data regarding your bookings there with other services like a cleaning company.

For this purpose, Booking offers its partners a property management interface to retrieve and modify data for their properties - Connectivity APIs.

But if you leverage multiple channels, you may want to use the help of a channel manager. It will connect you with every platform you expose your properties on. If that’s your case, read our article that will help you choose a channel manager product for your hospitality business.

Please let us know if we addressed your point.