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As an OTA website owner, we get a lot of traffic from metasearch sites. but we are trying to move away from that, how do we reduce the dependency on these metasearch sites and increase the direct channel share to our website?

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asked  Dec 13, 2022

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Olexander Kolisnykov, Editor at AltexSoft

answered  Jan 10, 2023


Hi there

There are several directions here. 

  1. Audit your SEO efforts and consider the ways to improve your visibility. Review technical details and content. You may consider content marketing and creating dedicated, SEO-optimized landing pages for your target deals. 
  2. Run email marketing campaigns to promote discounted deals and packages if you have those.
  3. Try advert campaigns both in Google (or search engine that most of your prospects use) and in social media. 

Check our article on OTA marketing. We tell more about different techniques there. Or watch our video on that.