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AI Solutions to Initiate Your Transformation Journey

Adopt the latest advances of machine learning and data science
with a partner that speaks your language.


New opportunities for AI adoption crop up in all facets of our business, raising customer expectations and increasing competition. As you thrive and occupy a bigger market share, the pressure to digitize becomes even more apparent. In our 10+ year practice, we’ve accumulated expertise in the digital transformation of a wide variety of industries, particularly the use cases applying AI and data analytics. If you believe that AI is not for you, check with us. We’ll dispel the most common misconceptions and answer all your questions. We’re confident that the facts and our expertise will make it easy for you to reconsider – and decide that AI should be in your immediate future.

AI is embraced by the most innovative companies

Numerous businesses are capitalizing on the sheer branding value of the AI label. Most software brands, apps, and platforms you use every day are heavily and successfully reliant on data: Amazon in eCommerce, Booking.com in travel, PayPal in finance, and so on. You can join that stellar list and reap the benefits of adding ML-driven to your landing page.

AI is accessible to small and mid-size businesses

While building another Amazon is beyond the reach of most of us, any business can make use of the AI technologies the big players use and solve problems or elevate customer experience tenfold. Even without engineering experience, you’ll benefit from the training, mentoring, and expert consultation we provide enabling you to learn to use what in reality are not-so-complex AI systems, MLaaS platforms, or data management systems. Our task is to pick the solution that takes your resources into account and puts the most forward-leaning tech at your fingertips.

AI brings a competitive advantage

With many industries being stuck in the legacy stage, even the smallest AI efforts on your part will be rewarded with decreased risks and expenses and increased effectiveness and conversions. Just one automated daily task will start a chain reaction of successful innovation.

Developing AI solutions for your industry


Customer segmentation and personalization
Dynamic pricing solutions
Sentiment analysis
Demand forecasting
Intelligent travel assistants


Optimized routing and scheduling
Smart fleet and staff management
Vehicle maintenance prediction
Traffic prediction and real-time updates
Supply chain automation


Financial analytics
Credit scoring
Fraud detection
Smart advisors and personalized wealth management
AI insurance


Diagnostics automation (images, sounds, signals)
Personalized healthcare
Identifying at-risk patients
AI-driven pharmaceutical research
ML for clinical data analysis


Sales forecasting
Personalized shopping and recommendations
Fraud detection
Customer support automation and chatbots
Voice assistance


Supply chain planning
Inventory management
Price optimization
Market basket analysis
Lifetime value prediction


Take Our Client's Word for It

Dr. Erin Roberts

Dr. Erin Roberts,Team Head of Biomedical Engineering, Novoheart, United States

At Novoheart, we are developing the use of machine learning with data from human-engineered cardiac tissues to automatically predict the class of an unknown compound based on the tissue response to the drug. AltexSoft was able to quickly digest and understand our prior work and then they implemented an advanced model to account for the multiple new variables. They met with us weekly to ensure their work was in line with our expectations and made sense from the experimental side, taking time to explain the details of their methodology. I was initially unsure that we would be able to hand off and successfully manage such a complex project with an external party, but I quickly felt extremely confident in their process and the results generated, having witnessed the extreme attention to detail, interest shown, and time spent by the AltexSoft team. This has all taken place during an unprecedented and difficult time for the people of Ukraine. Remarkably, AltexSoft’s professionalism and progress have not lagged, exceeding our expectations. That AltexSoft is engaged in humanitarian work further shows the strength and depth of their character. We hope and plan to work with AltexSoft to continue to expand upon this work in the future.

Dean Fribence

Dean Fribence,CEO, Niftie

AltexSoft UX team has impressed me with their attention to how the business is supposed to work and how the user experience they suggest aligns with our strategic goals. Our communication started with elaborate interviews that synchronized our vision. Once it came to design, they delivered stellar results and always contributed their own expertise to the final product. I’m happy to work with AltexSoft and would recommend their UX team for challenging design and business analysis projects.
Denys Arysmiatov

Denys Arysmiatov,Head of Promotion Department, Homsters

At Homsters we strive to help buyers of new-built property find the best offers by providing all information needed to make a choice. AltexSoft team did a great job developing a recommender engine for search pages. Initially, we had the same results for all visitors.  As part of the cooperation, we've created a solution that track the user behavior, analyzes it and personalizes the list of properties, that may be relevant for each particular visitor. We’ve managed to considerably improve engagement metrics on the website and increase the percentage of users that have contacted developers using our platforms.
Michiel Allessie

Michiel Allessie,Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Bruxlab, The Netherlands

Good project management and very good machine learning team.
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