Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Secure your financial data using state-of-the-art AI models


How AI crushes challenges in the financial world

Cyber risk and fraud

The financial sector, governments, and regulators have heavily invested tons of resources in security risk management. Machine learning – the state-of-the-art technology – automatically and with great accuracy detects threats and rapidly responds to them.

Asset management and investment decisions

When dealing with large volumes of data updated in real-time, AI serves as an automated agent, providing low-hanging-fruit opportunities for investors. ML-enabled chatbots, robo-advisors, and data science algorithms promise better customer experience and unmatched performance in comparison with their human counterparts.

Flawed credit evaluation approaches

Traditional credit scoring methods tend to analyze credit risk by assessing a borrower’s demographics and payment history – basically, a simple, unsophisticated relationship between a client’s behavior and credit score. AI allows lenders to consider underlying factors and find hidden influences, perhaps mitigating in nature, by continuously analyzing different combinations of variables.

Uncover AI opportunities in finance

Financial analytics

Implement Business Intelligence solutions for monitoring your financial data. Change how you approach financial KPIs and move from Excel to smart decision-enabling reports.

Credit scoring

Quickly and accurately assess borrowers. Use larger aggregates of data to introduce more assessment factors, eliminate bias, and rethink the approval process.

Fraud detection

Sleep better at night – have an AI model detect suspicious activity and credit card fraud with machine learning, while ensuring data safety and maintaining customer trust.

Online trading platforms

AI’s pattern detecting abilities allow traders to develop smarter trading strategies. Predict trading opportunities by analyzing data from around the web.

Smart advisors and personalized wealth management

Satisfy the demand for personalization using algorithms and data about the financial habits of consumers and businesses. By applying predictive analytics to finance and analyzing hundreds of portfolio factors, capitalize on tailored financial solutions.

Financial business intelligence for banks

Use intelligent tools to mitigate risks, forecast consumer behavior, develop investment strategies, and promote customer retention and marketing efforts.

AI insurance

Unleash your competitive advantage in one of the most change-averse industries. Before the competition does, offer elevated customer experience, personalized quotations, smart risk assessment, and fight fraud.


Take Our Client's Word for It

Denys Arysmiatov

Denys Arysmiatov,Head of Promotion Department, Homsters

At Homsters we strive to help buyers of new-built property find the best offers by providing all information needed to make a choice. AltexSoft team did a great job developing a recommender engine for search pages. Initially, we had the same results for all visitors.  As part of the cooperation, we've created a solution that track the user behavior, analyzes it and personalizes the list of properties, that may be relevant for each particular visitor. We’ve managed to considerably improve engagement metrics on the website and increase the percentage of users that have contacted developers using our platforms.
Rock Blanco

Rock Blanco,Senior Vice President, Product Innovation at Cornerstone Information Systems

Rarely can I say that someone not only exceeded my expectations, but actually created an entirely new standard for achievement like AltexSoft. They demonstrated an in-depth, practical knowledge of the business needs and actual business case value for what we wanted in a product. Most importantly, everyone was fully able to understand technical design and development, techniques and constraints with the confidence, vision, and capabilities to manage our project from the planning to the implementation and delivery stages cost effectively and on-time.
Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO,A Sports Startup, United States

I realized the need to cover Apple market with my app, so I started to look for a decent contractor. That’s when AltexSoft came into my sight as a trustworthy and competent technology partner. Their experienced engineers made best use of Xamarin tool, which enabled me to have two synchronized well-functioning apps with complex business logic on Android and iOS. I would recommend dealing with AltexSoft due to their wide expertise, holistic approach and friendly communication.
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