The project is a software system that provides end-users with ability to pay by cache for digital goods using self-service kiosk with interactive interface.
System includes: Electron based kiosk software that provides end-user interface and monitors kiosk’s hardware, SPA for administrators and operators that provide information about financial and technical status of kiosks network to appropriate groups of users and server side as a bunch of node.js microservices running on top of Kubernetes cluster that provides API for kiosks and administrative SPA.
Technologies and Tools: JavaScript, Electron, Vue.js, Koa2, Ansible, kubeadm, Helm, Docker, ELK stack, Kong API Gateway, Jenkins CI


  • 3+ years in Linux system administration;
  • 2+ years experience with Jenkins CI or TeamCity;
  • 2+ years in the following AWS services administration;
  • 1+ years experience with any provisioning tool: Ansible, Puppet, Chef;
  • 1+ years experience with Docker.

Will be a plus:

  • experience with Kubernetes;
  • experience with AWS Cloud Formation and AWS OpsWorks;
  • experience in Python.


  • work in close cooperation with architect and development teams;
  • automate projects’ infrastructure;
  • continuous learning and self-improvement.