AltexSoft Hosted Meetup on AI Technologies in Customer Experience Transformation

  • Mar 10, 2020
  • Washington, DC

AltexSoft held a meetup on improving customer experience using Artificial Intelligence. The event took place in Washington, DC on March 10. The discussion was focused on the ways state-of-the-art technologies help boost profit through better customer relations. This was the second meetup AltexSoft held in Washington.

During the event, industry professionals from AltexSoft and DataRobot shared their experience in automating customer-oriented initiatives using AI-based opportunities. Meeting topics covered the following how-tos: optimizing price and product, improving targeting and advertising, introducing experience personalization through content recommendations, predicting churn, and more.

Alexander Konduforov, Data Science Competence Leader at AltexSoft, delivered a talk on the topic “Price & Personalize: How to Grow Revenue Using AI Solutions.” Bobby Van Zetta, Customer-Facing Data Scientist from DataRobot, discussed the practical side of AI application in his speech “Repeatable Trusted AI Use Cases.”

The event took place at the Arlington Tech eXchange. The meetup in Washington was to be followed by the same event in Atlanta on March 12, but in the morning of the event’s day the organizing team made a decision to cancel it for safety reasons.

Previously, AltexSoft hosted meetups on business applications of AI and machine learning and business transformation with Data and Artificial Intelligence.