AltexSoft Hosted a Meetup on Business Applications of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Atlanta, Georgia

  • May 29, 2019
  • Atlanta, Georgia

AltexSoft hosted an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning meetup in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 29. This meetup was aimed at business executives who seek opportunities for using data to benefit their businesses. Our Data Science Competence Leader, Alexander Konduforov, discussed the various business challenges that can be solved by applying AI technologies.

During the meetup, Alexander Konduforov covered practical implementations of machine learning and data science and clarified the business areas where machine learning can be applied. He also explained how to justify investments in data-driven applications, calculate their ROI, and how to assemble an effective data science team. The event also featured presentations by Oleksandr Medovoi, AltexSoft President & CEO, and Alex Vayner, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Leader at PA Consulting.

meetup presentation

“This was the first event held by AltexSoft in Atlanta and we’re glad it turned out to be a very successful one. Quite a few industry professionals have joined us to discuss the topic and explore new business applications of AI. I see this as a good opportunity to expand our connections at the local market and help more companies develop truly data-driven solutions” — says Oleksandr Medovoi.

The event took place at the Atlanta Tech Village.

About the speaker

Alexander Konduforov, Machine Learning Engineer and Data Science Competence Leader at AltexSoft, has over ten years of experience in Machine Learning modeling and development, technical consulting, and project management.

Alexander Konduforov

Data Science Competence Leader

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