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Data Science Consultancy: Streamline Your Processes or Product Using Complex Algorithms

Our data scientists create effective custom software with built in automated methods for you to analyze massive amounts of data and to derive knowledge from it.


Data science in 2018 is fundamentally different from what it was before. Over the past years, machine learning has gone mainstream. Gartner forecasted the growth of predictive analytics by $1.1 billion next year and scientists have been using deep learning algorithms everywhere from medicine to space exploration. The potential for implementing data analysis in various aspects of our lives is at the kickoff stage today. Grab the chance to exploit one of the most promising technologies before competitors do.

Every industry can gain competitive advantage from using data analytics and machine learning techniques. For instance, grocery chain Tesco’s warehouse employees wear armbands that track the goods they take from the shelves, saving time spent marking paper lists on clipboards. Bank of America changed their lunch break policies to improve performance by 23 percent after analyzing employees’ behavior. Starbucks’ loyalty program, supported by customer analytics, helped the chain gain $1.6 billion in revenue through Starbucks Cards.

We at AltexSoft engage in steering businesses into the future with the help of data science. Having completed a series of successful data solutions, we can apply our deep experience to help clients find patterns in data and predict future trends. By accessing a multilayered pool of resources, we transform available data into an opportunity for growth. Moreover, we have strong know-how in natural language processing enhanced by a broad range of algorithms and models, all of which enables us to equip businesses with the most advanced, productive technologies.

We are a data science consulting firm that can offer an integrated solution or provide data scientists and data engineers to complement your in-house team. First, our experts will help you define a problem that can be solved by manipulating your data and suggest how exactly you can benefit from new information. Then, by using one or more of the numerous practices available to us, we will help restructure and clean your dataset so it can be further optimized for efficient modeling. Ultimately, you will possess a custom-built algorithm that will address your business objectives and set your data science initiative on the path to success.

Transform the Way You Operate

Access multiple data sources to extract valuable intelligence

Implement insights into your business processes or product

Simplify time-consuming and daunting tasks

Enrich your software with advanced technology

Offer more or provide better service than your rivals

Establish your company as the market leader

Apply Data Science Easily with Our Help

AltexSoft is among those data science consulting companies ready to provide high quality solutions for your specific needs in any business industry. Our team can help you with a range of activities to add value to your services or products.